The Big Bang Theory ‘The Matrimonial Momentum’ Review: Broken Hearts


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

It seemed like it was yesterday that our hearts were ripped apart after seeing the ring Sheldon had bought for Amy. It is also hard to believe that we’re already in Season 9. Far are the days in which the show was about science and geeks. It’s time for some romantic drama.

The season finale left us with some questions that were resolved in this episode. We see that Leonard and Penny do go on with the wedding, but it’s somehow bittersweet: it’s not romantic, their friends are not physically there and Leonard’s confession in the car is still an ugly cloud hanging over them. If that wasn’t enough, Sheldon also makes sure to call Leonard to warn them not to get married because “women are horrible”.

The Matrimonial Momentum - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

Sheldon is so upset, and so inexperienced on what’s the right to do in this situation, that he starts chasing Amy around like a creeper and not respecting her wish for some time and space to think. I still have to say though that it was quite cruel that all of his friends were watching Leonard and Penny’s wedding while he was left outside. Eventually, Sheldon is so insistent that she tells him that they have officially broken up. Again, even though it was Sheldon’s fault, kind of unfair to see all of their friends supporting Amy in the kitchen while Sheldon was left alone.

Sheldon wasn’t alone for much longer because soon came Leonard, whose wedding didn’t go as well as he imagined. The story about the girl that he made out with two years ago got worse when he revealed to Penny that he keeps seeing her occasionally since she’s a colleague from work. It was nice to see Sheldon and Penny bonding over their broken hearts while sipping some hot beverages. But things take a turn for the worst again when Penny tells him that she’s partly responsible for pushing Amy towards “doing what makes her happy” and eventually breaking up with Sheldon. The episode ends with Sheldon and Leonard, alone in their apartment, bickering about love and relationships.

The Matrimonial Momentum - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

The episode was a nice continuation to the season finale. I have to say that, given the insecurities and the conversation that Penny and Leonard had in the car, I wasn’t hoping for the wedding to still be on so I was kind of surprised when I saw all those promotional photos. Leonard and Penny are married, but they’re unhappy. I believe that it will just be a matter of talking it over and Leonard working very hard to make it up to her. As for Sheldon and Amy, I can see that they’re not going to be together this season, at least not for the biggest part of it. I believe it’s important for Sheldons’s character to value what it means to be loved and to have the relationship he had with Amy. Even though his heart was in the right place and he intended to marry her, he needs to learn how to treat her better. And yes, Amy should also be a bit more flexible with him, especially in the sex department. On another note, we didn’t get anything new on Raj and Emily, but I guess adding their issues to the mix would have been too much for only 20 minutes.

All in all, The Big Bang Theory is far from the days in which the show was only about 4 geek scientists and their struggles with social situations. In that sense, the show seems to be taking the direction of sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or How I Met Your Mother, if all their romantic relationships were to be in a crisis at the same time. To be fair, if it wasn’t for the laugh tracks, I could have sworn I was watching some sort of cheesy romantic drama. Which is not to say that ‘The Matrimonial Momentum’ was bad at all. After all, it has our beloved characters, we can see a lot of character growth and the show keeps being very funny.


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