The Big Bang Theory: The Hesitation Ramification (REVIEW)

The Big Bang Theory is back from the Christmas hiatus with Episode 7.12: The Hesitation Ramification. It seems like the second half of the season is gonna be as good as the first one!

WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS. Proceed at your own risk!

The episode’s main focus was Penny’s cut scene from her supposed final breakthrough on a TV Show. We’ve seen Penny working as a waitress and attempting to become a real actress for 10 years now. It was only a matter of time that we’d see her having a breakdown. Sadly, Leonard failed in his mission to support her, not only as a boyfriend, but as a friend. Things got only worse when Penny (while slightly drunk) proposed to Leonard and he wasn’t able to say “yes”. Sad day for Penny/Leonard shippers!

The B plot usually revolves around Sheldon’s issue of the week. This time the issue was humour. Of course, Sheldon tried to overnalyze everything and throw science into the mix when trying to find out which ones are the ingredients that make a joke funny. Probably the funniest thing we saw was Sheldon dropping his pants in front of Amy. The C plot was about Raj and Stuart trying, unsuccessfully, to talk to “regular people” so that they could progress and talk to pretty girls after that. These two side stories were a bit weak and lacked of funny moments. But of course that could also be due to the intensity of the A plot and the Leonard/Penny drama.

What it’s clear is that the show is keeping the same quality level that they had started the season with. The characters keep growing and so do their relationships (slowly, though). The Big Bang Theory has been capable of winning back some old fans and casual viewers who thought the show’s initial charm was lost. And that’s a lot to say for a show that it’s in the middle of its 7th season!

The Best:
-Bernadette’s laugter in the bar scene. (Probable wink to When Harry Met Sally?)
-Sheldon’s “Who is in the mood to laugh?” after Penny’s failed proposal to Leonard.
-Last scene with Howard’s audition for Star Wars while Bernadette’s screaming for toilet paper in the background. Gotta love this couple!

The Worst:
-Leonard’s behaviour towards Penny.
-Raj’s (and Stuart’s) potential bisexuality being treated as a joke.

Final Rating: 7’5

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