The Big Bang Theory ‘The Helium Insufficiency’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

In this week’s The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Sheldon face some problems with their scientific investigation while the rest of the gang have some fun with a dating app involving Amy.

Sheldon and Leonard had been working on a super fluid vortex experiment for a while now, only to discover that a Swedish team of physicists are trying to scoop it. They realize that they can’t waste anytime and that they need liquid helium immediately in order to win the race. As much as I love when the show dives into the scientific side of the story, this storyline wasn’t that entertaining and the only thing that made it worth watching was Sheldon’s prison talk. Barry’s presence amounted to nothing as Sheldon and Leonard decided that it would be best to risk committing a federal crime and wasting lots of money rather than adding Barry’s name to the paper. We will have to see if the show is going to continue this storyline.

The Helium Insufficiency - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are having fun with some dating app that Stuart has found. I’m surprised that Stuart is still around and that he doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore in the house. I wonder if they have finally accepted him as as friend. I like Stuart and I would love to see some character development from him and his creepiness so he’s more than welcome to me. I wasn’t that fond of Bernadette, Howard, Penny and Raj’s behaviour, though, as they kept making fun of several men in the dating app by turning it into a drinking game. Amy was clearly uncomfortable as well, as it turned out that she was already dating on her own without needing the app. So far, she has gone out with 3 men. Props to her for getting herself out there, instead of staying home thinking about Sheldon. As much as I ship her and Sheldon together, I can’t wait to see where all these dating storyline takes her next. I’m sure Sheldon won’t be too happy about it.

As entertaining as the app dating scenes were, ‘The Helium Insufficiency’ wasn’t a brilliant episode and it didn’t touch on our characters and their relationships as much compared to the beginning of the season. What I’m really looking forward to right now is some new developments for Bernadette and Howard, and Raj and Emily.


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