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The Big Bang Theory is back from its hiatus with ‘The Earworm Reverberation’ to put an end to a conflict that has been dragging out for the first half of the season: Sheldon and Amy’s relationship.

One thing that I have been saying in my reviews of this season of The Big Bang Theory is that everything seems to be all about Sheldon and Amy. This has both cons and pros. The cons: for a show whose major target seemed to be geeks, scientists and even single/asexual/aromantic people, the show is now focusing too much on romance and relationships, nearly forgetting what made the show so great: friendship and geekiness. The pros: the romance works as a way of developing the characters and their relationships, as well as making the show’s narrative more diverse and realistic. Some people like it, others don’t.

Personally, I do like it for the pros I stated, although I do believe that it would be nice to have the four male characters hanging out again. The girls still hang out with each other, but I don’t remember when was the last time that Raj and Howard actually met up with Leonard and Sheldon. Or at least it hasn’t been happening as often as in previous seasons. I can only hope that, now that Sheldon and Amy are back together, everything will go back to normal in this group of friends. For now, at least we have the fact that Howard and Raj’s band is actually going somewhere!

The Earworm Reverberation - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

As per the episode itself, the storyline with the earworm was actually both funny and adorable. Having Sheldon humming that melody and trying to sing it with different lyrics actually made me laugh (I feel like the show is losing its comedic touch lately), and that shot of going inside Sheldon’s brain à la Raven Baxter was also pretty neat. Apparently, the reason for that The Beach Boys song being stuck in his head is because the lyrics reminded him of Amy. There has certainly been a lot of talk this season about how Sheldon didn’t have any romantic feelings (or feelings at all for that matter) until he met Amy. ‘Darlin‘ should be, from now on, Sheldon and Amy’s song.

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We will see how the pairing goes from now on. Will they actually talk about their break up? Will Sheldon try to correct his boyfriend behaviour? Will he propose to her? At least, Shamy shippers will be happy that, despite being bumps in the road, this first half of the season was all about their ship. Now let’s see if the show can move on and focus on the other things that made this show so ic

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