The Big Bang Theory is known for their recurring celebrities, among other things. This week it was time for James Earl Jones, the actor who voiced Darth Vader in Star Wars and Mufasa in The Lion King. In The Convention Conundrum, Sheldon tries to create his own comic convention after the guys lost the chance to get tickets to Comic-Con. Meanwhile, the girls try to act like grown-ups. WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS.

The boys are trying to get tickets to Comic-Con. A scene that might be familiar to all of us who have ever tried to get tickets to something that we’re really obsessed with while Penny would be that friend who’s always worried about our mental health. Unfortunately, as it usually happens in real life, tickets sell out really quickly no matter how many times we click F5.


The boys are pretty bummed about not getting tickets like every year and Sheldon decides to create his own comic convention, something that the other guys don’t think will work out. Sheldon, as always, has set such high expectation on his mission that this time he tries to invite celebrities like Stan Lee, Matt Smith or Robert Downey Jr. as panelists. Meanwhile, Leonard, Howard and Raj plan on buying scalped tickets, something that could mean getting banned from Comic Con forever.

On the girls side, Penny, Bernadette and Amy who criticise their boyfriends for being childish, discuss the fact that they’re grown-ups and therefore they should do more grown-up stuff. So they decide to go to a hotel where they do afternoon tea.

Sheldon tells the guys that he might be close to getting the participation of James Earl Jones, since he’s gonna attend his favourite sushi restaurant that night and he might find him there. Little do the boys know how right Sheldon was this time!

The Convention Conundrum

The afternoon tea plan turns out to be a bust cause the room is filled with little girls trying to be princesses. This leads to Penny, Bernadette and Amy discussing what does being an adult really mean and what are the real advantages since it all seems to be pretty boring. Penny comments on how she isn’t mature at all and how the other day she laughed out loud at a man who had fallen down. Amy suggests that the boys are probably having more fun than they are. Which they’re not, cause Leonard, Howard and Raj and still trying to decide wether they should try to be “badass” for a change and trust a certain seller with scalped tickets or just “chicken-out” like they always do. They end up doing the latter by turning off the lights and pretending there’s no one home.

Sheldon meets James Earl Jones at the restaurant and, after some first words that seemed to suggest he was gonna treat Sheldon like others celebs have in the past (Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking…), it turns out that he is the exception as he seems to be a pretty nice guy. Well, that’s interesting to see for a change! Their evening ends up being pretty awesome, full of stories and anecdotes. In fact, it goes so good that it almost looks like a date. The best part was definitely seeing them sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight“. They even pull a prank on Carrie Fisher, the actress who portrayed Princess Leia in the Star War movies. “It’s not funny anymore, James!” she says. “Then why am I laughing?”, replies James. This links us back to when Penny said that she still laughed whenever she saw someone falling down, which reflects James’ childish personality. By the time they hit a strip club and even go to a sauna, Sheldon seems to be really tired. But the story ends well as James invites Sheldon and his friends to Comic-Con.


This was an overall OK episode. The B plot with the girls talking about doing grown-up stuff was kind of boring and unnecessary. Almost as if the writers didn’t quite know what to do with them this episode. I also missed some interactions between the boys and the girls. It seemed like two completely different stories that had nothing to do with each other so they had to throw the childish vs grown up theme in the middle. We’ve definitely seen better this season. The highlight of this episode was clear from the beginning: James Earl Jones. And we did get lots of scenes with him so there’s that!


Here’s the promo and description for next week’s episode, The Locomotive Manipulation:

“Sheldon and Amy take a train ride to Napa Valley with Howard and Bernadette on Valentine’s Day. Leonard and Penny must take Raj’s dog to the vet when she accidentally eats some chocolate”. (Source)