The Big Bang Theory ‘The Big Bear Precipitation’ Review


Amy, Leonard and Penny somehow convince Sheldon to spend a few days in the forest while Raj gets a bit over enthusiastic over Bernadette’s pregnancy.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Knowing Sheldon, one could already predict that the episode would deal with his OCD and his constant whining about being outdoors surrounded by bugs and wild nature. I guess camping was too much for Sheldon, so they stayed at a gorgeous house that a friend from Penny had lent her. Lucky for Sheldon, the weather is pretty bad so they have to stay indoors which leads Penny into suggesting to play “Never have I ever”. While it was very entertaining to see these characters play this game (especially that one scene with Sheldon and Amy in the end), not much happened except for an argument between Leonard and Penny that didn’t really lead anywhere. Leonard and Penny’s relationship, though strong, has had many ups and downs. This time, Sheldon reveals that Leonard has a secret bank account because he doesn’t trust Penny with money. Fortunately, Leonard apologizes and they make up pretty quickly. Penny later reveals that she’s not happy with her job, but that she’s going to keep doing it anyway because the salary is good. It’s highly unlikely that Penny will go back to auditioning and working as a waitress because “been there, done that”, but I wonder if there’s another career change in Penny’s future. I guess it will depend on whether they’re planning on wrapping up the series soon or not.

Meanwhlie, Raj stays behind to care for Bernadette and her pregnancy. Yes, Raj, because Howard was too busy playing videogames. Still, Howard gets annoyed (don’t want to say “jealous”) at Raj’s over the top enthusiasm, so they decide to talk to him about it and ask him to tone it down a bit. Contrary to what I expected, there was no big fight and Raj didn’t seem all that hurt (if anything, the one who got upset was Bernadette). This storyline didn’t really lead anywhere either, but it was worth if only for the scene in which the three of them were listening to the baby’s heartbeat.

‘The Big Bear Precipitation’ won’t be remembered as one of the best episodes to come out of this season, but that’s only because this season has had so many important episodes! It was still a pretty fun episode and it’s nice to see other characters getting some of the spotlight now that everything between Sheldon and Amy has been settled.


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