The Big Bang Theory ‘The Bachelor Party Corrosion’ Review


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

After that 2-part premiere that solely focused on Leonard and Penny’s new marriage and Sheldon and Amy’s break up, it was time to change the dynamics a bit with two bachelor parties. Only that those parties, as we could already suspect, didn’t go as well as planned.

Starting with the boys, Raj and Howard show up to literally kidnap Leonard and Sheldon and throw them into a van to Mexico. As fun as the road trip was, it didn’t last long as the van started to give them problems very soon. I have to say that I’m sort of disappointed that we didn’t get to see anything of it. It would have been nice to at least see a little scene from when Sheldon and Leonard spent the night there. On the other hand, I was really happy with those scientific principles that kept popping in the screen while the four scientists tried to solve the problem with their physics and engineering knowledge. And wouldn’t this be a cooler show if they actually taught scientific facts like this every now and then?

As per the girls, Penny, Amy and Bernadette pass on the classic strip club plan and meet at Penny’s instead. Contrary to the guys, the girls prefer to talk about their recent romantic problems. Penny says that she’s happily married but she also mentions that Leonard and her are not really living together yet, which I’m sure is a problem that will come up again later in the season. Amy, who has recently gone through a breakup, wants to change her image, which results in Penny piercing her ears (am I the only one who thought they’d end up having to spend the night at the hospital?). After that, they confess that they haven’t told their parents about their respective changes in their love lives, and doing so doesn’t turn out well either. Penny’s dad, who seemed to be cool with it, tells her that he accidentally killed her pig… 10-12 months ago. On the other hand, Amy’s mother is more shocked to learn that she got her ears pierced and made penis-shaped cookies.

The boy’s bachelor party resulted in the van catching fire while the girl’s seemed more like a slumber party with parents issues. In that sense, ‘The Bachelor Party Corrosion’ was a pretty basic and simplistic episode, but it did his job as it finally settled down the events that happened in the season premiere so that now we can move on to other things. The only relationship that is most likely going to keep being an issue is that of Sheldon and Amy, but I’m sure that they are end game so they will solve their problems at some point.


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