The Big Bang Theory ‘The Application Deterioration’ Review


If the first half of The Big Bang Theory‘s ninth season was all about Sheldon and Amy’s breakup and getting back together, the second half seems to be dedicated to the preparation for Howard and Bernadette’s unborn baby, the first one in the series. ‘The Application Deterioration’ is about the consequences of the decisions some of the characters made in the last episode.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Sheldon, Leonard and Howard decide to go solo with their experiment after they find out that the university policy states that the entity would end up with 75% of the benefits, which doesn’t seem very fair. The situation leads to Sheldon doing one of his favorite activities: writing a contract. However, as promising as it all sounds, Bernadette warns her husband that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to form a legal partnership with Sheldon: it’s not only that Sheldon is a very stressful person to work with, but he is always making fun of Howard, which would lead to Bernadette having to spend her pregnancy with a constantly frustrated Howard. Once again, this episode show just how well Bernadette and Howard work together. They talk about it and Penny suggests that they could add a clause to the contract stating that Sheldon is now allowed to make fun of Howard. Not only does Sheldon comply, but he also does his “Sheldon-good-dead-of-the-day” when he decides to give a portion of his part to their unborn child, which he justifies by saying that it’s just so that baby can get better education than being an engineer like their father. On another note, I’m guessing that they are going to go with “pregnang symptome of the day” with her and, so far, it’s working well.

On the other hand, there’s Raj and his romantic problems. Raj’s doubts with Emily have been kept quiet for the most part of the season because Sheldon and Amy’s breakup was taking all of the spotlight. Once their problems were solved, Raj finally had the courage to break up with Emily… on Valentine’s Day. Not only that, but he also developed a crush for Claire, a girl they met at the comicbook store. In ‘The Application Deterioration’ Raj doesn’t only get a super cool (and expensive) delayed Valentine’s gift from her, but he also gets a call asking him to come over because she misses him as a friend. All the girls, knowing that it’s “Rule 1 of girls’ Playbook”, tell him that it’s a trap and that she’s manipulating him. The thing is, even if Raj has come a long way with his anxiety regarding women, he is still pretty gullible when it comes to women potentially fooling him. We don’t know much about Claire yet, so it’s hard to be quite sure of what her intentions were in this episode. Was she just being honest like the rest of the girls or did she just say that because she wanted to get with Raj? By the end of the episode, Raj and Emily have sex, but it’s not clear whether they will get back together or not. Even though I really like Emily, I don’t agree with what she did this episode, and I’m also interested in finding out more about Claire, who seems like a pretty cool girl.

The Big Bang Theory has certainly been taking some big steps in this season to further all the character’s storylines and, in some way, start to settle them down. The series was renewed for yet another reason and I’m not sure if that’s enough to finish the series just yet, but we are definitely approaching the end.


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