The Big Bang Theory ‘The Platonic Permutation’ Review

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WARNING: This review contains spoilers

As many other shows are doing these days, The Big Bang Theory takes the usual Thanksgiving theme in ‘The Platonic Permutation’ to give us some touching moments.

Once again, the major focus of this episode was on Sheldon and Amy. After weeks of suffering, Sheldon has finally moved on from Amy. This wasn’t only shown when he rejected Amy’s petition to be his girlfriend, but also when he offered to give both tickets to her, so that she could go to the aquarium with someone else (even with a date). He was so worried about, as the title says, transforming their relationship into a platonic one, that he even had a list with casual conversation topics. Even though their time together was nice and felt like the good old times, I still felt it was Amy acted quite hastily when asking him to go out again. After all, not much has passed. Perhaps she’s realized that she won’t be able to find another man like him after her dating experience. In conclusion, the first episodes of this season was about Amy hurting Sheldon, now it’s Sheldon who’s hurting Amy.

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Even though Penny and Leonard are at a much better place than them, they still have their issues. And they seem to be pretty recurring in this relationship, which only shows how strong their love is to be able to overcome them. First, Penny doesn’t know Leonard’s birthday, and then, Leonard confesses to having read Penny’s journal. But it was all worth it if only to have the others bumping into Leonard dancing erotically in Penny’s dress.

As per the rest of the gang, Bernadette, Howard, Raj and Emily are volunteering to help in a homeless shelter kitchen. Howard is the only one who doesn’t really want to be there, although he’s probably the one who will remember that day the most: he got to meet and fanboy over Elon Musk. However, I felt like this part of the story really didn’t go anywhere because it didn’t have any conclusion. It would have been nice to have Howard recognize at the end that it’s nice to sometimes give, rather than take.

It was already implied in the title, so I wasn’t expecting Sheldon to say ‘yes’ to Amy. I will say, though, that it’s nice to see that the writers are developing this love story, probably more now that is finished. I was expecting them to quickly get over it, act as if nothing happened, and then re-take the issue in the season finale. I’m glad that they’re going with a more realistic approach to the situation. Other than that, this was pretty enjoyable to watch for a Thanksgiving episode.

“I excel at many things, but getting over you wasn’t one of them” – Sheldon Cooper (*sobbing in the distance*)

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