This year we didn’t get a full panel with the cast of The Big Bang Theory, but we still got the usual ‘Inside the Writers Room’ panel.

After they showed a video with a look back at Season 8’s funniest moments, Kunal Nayyar entered the panel as the this year’s surprise special guest.

Even though the majority of the questions were fun trivia, like the writers actually having that confusing Back To The Future debate from last season in the writers’ room, we still got some news about what we can expect from Season 9: Molaro said that the premiere will answer when Sheldon bought the ring and when he was planning on giving it to Amy.

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Reading fanfic (©mschlock on Twitter)

After Mayim Bialik joined the panel, the fandom note came in form of fanfiction. Steven Molaro revealed that the writers actually googled “Big Bang Theory Fan Fiction” and that they got sucked into all of the stories. As a matter of fact, that’s how Amy’s Fan-fiction storyline started. If that wasn’t enough, Mayim and Kunal read a special fanfic that the writers had created especially for Comic-Con!

“Forget about Shamy. Tonight, you and I will be a sweaty mess of Koothrapamy” – Mayim Bialik

The writers also said that it was never the plan to make the character nerds, but “brilliant”: “It’s the celebration of difference. The characters celebrate who they are.”

Some juicy information for Shamy shippers too: On discovering Sheldon and Amy’s kissing style, Mayim said that they “tried it a lot of different ways” and that Jim and her were both “very surprised” that they were “there” when shooting the prom “I love you scene”

Nayyar also had some words for late Carol Ann Susi. He said that “More than anything, she would want us to continue on with laughter”

The panel ended with audience singing ‘Soft Kitty’. Is there a more perfect ending?