The Babysitter directed by McG (as stated multiple times while watching the film) on Netflix came out in 2017. The film classified under horror is basically… a parody of a horror film. It truly is so bad that it’s good. I shouldn’t want it to be good, but it ended up being not that bad. McG: known for Terminator and Charlie’s Angels, most of what I know from him. You can check out more of his filmography on Wiki – which tells all, but if you are not a fan, IMDb is great too. Charlie’s Angels, of course, is legendary and should always be appreciated. So, coming from that I was incredibly excited about this film. The track record seemed really promising even though the trailer did not.

A Guilty Pleasure: So Bad, It’s Good…

Surprisingly, what I thought was going to be the worst aspect of the film – turned out to be the best. The acting is… good. Usually, in bad horror films, the acting is subpar, but I am impressed. The storyline and dialogue are a bit subpar at times. We will get into that, but The Babysitter on Netflix is… so bad it’s kind of good. The title explains exactly what this movie is. A babysitter trope where the babysitter is a murderer. This has remained overdone, and overdone again, and there are even wholesome babysitter films not even in the horror genre that have been produced in the movie world. This trope is not original, by any means, but it is how you replicate it that makes it enjoyable.

The Babysitter: A C+ Film Became a B-

The Babysitter is… well starts off good. It begins with good acting, a good storyline, and a good plot. However, that quickly becomes diminished. Not by the acting, the plot, or the babysitter trope. It starts to become… melodramatic. A few of the actors in this film are rookies, they have played in films before but nothing concrete. The only two people who have been in top name films are Robbie Amell (the hot guy in everything) and Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect trilogy). I would say that is what might get people to click on this film.

Underpar Actors Get Killed First in The Babysitter

The people who don’t necessarily come up to bat are King Bach and Bella Thorne. King Bach is in this movie is made to be the black guy trope, which is what he does anyway in all of his roles. Bella Thorne is there to be the ditzy girl trope, which is what she does anyway in most of her roles, too. I don’t know if you would consider this good or bad, but for me – when they died, I was kind of happy about that. And, they go first.

The Good & The Bad

The blood and the gore are C- at best – it’s almost as bad as Final Destination 5, but not that bad. The blood and gore are still prominent, and you get glimpses of horror, but they don’t actually scare you. Or, they didn’t scare me. Judah Lewis who plays Cole in the film is stand out as well as Bee played by Samara Weaving. These two play off each other incredibly well in the film, and it is the reason why I stuck around.

The Babysitter
The Babysitter, Netflix.

The directing and producing is actually great. I remained impressed that the directing and producing were sort of a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World mash-up with an indie 00s film. It reminded me of Scott Pilgrim the most because of the comic book-y feel it had to it. I enjoyed that, and I thought it was one of the better aspects of the film for me as a watcher.

The Concept & The Drawbacks

I still don’t know the plot of the movie, but in about a sentence you can say that Bee, the hot babysitter is in a satanic cult and Cole finds out. In order to keep Cole quiet, obviously, he has to die. So, the film is based around that and based around Cole trying to get away. One by one they all die, slowly but surely. The concept of the film like many of the decade is good. However, it is merely just that. The idea of a babysitter horror film is overdone.

Disregarding that the concept of the 80s, comic book-y vibes is not and that is what saves this film from utter disappointment. Not in a bad way. This is titled, “So bad, it’s good” for a reason. This film is basically that. While the film is entertaining and sometimes funny, it’s borderline in between C+ and B-. The acting is great, the concept is decent, the producing and directing are brilliant, and the cinematography is out of this world. The gore and blood are there, and even though it looks unrealistic, it’s decent. I mean, you get sort of cringed by the blood and gore, but it’s nothing like an actual Halloween film or Friday the 13th.

A Badass Lead = Entertaining Results

Cole is one badass and to have him as the main character is a brilliant choice. I thought he excelled at being Cole and kicking major satanic ass, am I right? You know I am. Despite this amazing performance by Judah Lewis, we get a weird camera switch throughout the movie, which I did not enjoy. We often get the camera as Cole himself, and it’s jarring.

The Babysitter
The Babysitter, Netflix.

It will randomly go from Cole’s view to regular standard widescreen, and that’s incredibly jarring. I would have preferred it to be either or. It wasn’t used enough for me to get used to it – it only happened a few times which is why it was jarring every time. However, again, that did not stop me from watching – which I guess means it’s a good thing. It wasn’t enough to have me turn it off, so #silverlinings.

The Ending & Last Thoughts

The ending of the film I expected. Cole confesses his love for Bee before she dies, she tries to convince him to also be in a satanic cult shortly before that. You know, the same ol‘ trope. The movie ends with the line by Cole: “I don’t need a babysitter anymore.” He doesn’t explain what happened to his parents, why he’s covered in blood, nothing. He just continues to walk towards the house that is currently being demolished. And, you know why? Because frick your realistic standards, this is Hollywood and nothing makes sense anymore.

Overall, The Babysitter is…

C+/B-, a good 3/5 or 7/10. It’s fun, entertaining, and the score is perfect; which is a huuuuuuge plus in a movie. Plus, I am not the only one that thinks The Babysitter is so bad that it’s good. You can check out other articles here, here, and even here.

Oh, and Don’t Forget…

…McG directed this film. Oh, and also, can we stop making girls kiss in movies for the shock factor? Just saying, we don’t need that anymore. We’re good. But, despite that not a bad try.

The Babysitter Is So Bad It's Actually Good...
7.2Overall Score
BEE & CEE9.3