The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Is Back To Basics in the Best Way!

Spider-Man, who doesn’t know the old web head’s story? From Uncle Ben’s speech to radioactive spider-bites, everyone knows and loves Spider-Man. His stories that have fascinated us all for over 50 years later. But why have the stories been so loved and what makes him such a lovable and endearing character? The Amazing Spider-Man #1 seeks to answer that question. The answer is a very simple one I think, we can all relate to Peter Parker.

Peter is not perfect, he isn’t even that great at being a superhero. He is almost always late for dinner and turning in his assignments. He is always busy working hard at his job, having to deal with roommates, and trying to keep Mary Jane happy.

All of the while he is also trying and save his city and make the world a better and safer place. That is what makes Peter interesting and that is exactly where The Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley starts, it goes back to the basics of what made Spider-man great.

Essential Spider-Man

Imagine, you are an Avenger, you have saved the world multiple times. You have saved your city more times then you can count. And yet you can’t even save your relationships with the ones you love. And especially with the ones you don’t love. That is Peter Parker’s everyday life. It is hard enough trying to deal with loud and obnoxious roommates.

But imagine if you knew one of them was a low-level supervillain. And you just had to deal with that because rent in New York is so expensive its better to have him than an empty room? Well, Peter’s new roommate is low time super villain Boomerang who Spidey has to fight every so often. But Fred Myers can’t make rent if he is in jail. This is just one of the hilarious and quintessential Peter Parker moments he gets himself into even just in this issue.

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The Basic Story

The story is set up in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is nothing that we haven’t seen before. It is just a continuation of storylines set up in the past years with the Amazing Spider-Man series. If you have read Superior Spider-man you would have a litter bit better of an idea of what is going on.

But basically, all you need to know is that Doctor Octopus a long time Spidey rogue pulled a “Freaky Friday” with Peter Parker. He put his mind in Spider-Man’s body and put Peter’s mind in his dying Otto Octavius body. It was actually a very interesting run that really delved into what made Doc Ock tick. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

The story in this new run is dealing with some of the fall out of this story from years ago. Basically, Peter is working for the Daily Bugle, as their chief technology reporter. Peter is covering a new technology being unveiled called Watcher. This is to be the most powerful anti-plagiarism software ever. Watcher determines that Peter Parker plagiarized his graduate dissertation. And that it had been written by one deceased Doctor Otto Octavious, which actually isn’t technically wrong.

But trying to explain to his bosses and loved ones that a dying evil villain “Freaky Friday-ed” their minds a few years ago and earned my doctorate. That is a little hard to believe even with superheroes flying around Manhattan. So the story is one of redemption and trying to prove that Peter is as smart as he claims to be, which he is?

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Image Credit: Marvel Comics

The Art & Visuals

Spider-man has always been a very dynamic and highly pose-able superhero. And Ryan Ottley definitely embraces everything great about Spider-man in that regard. The art and the visual storytelling here in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is superb. With that, some of the best jokes come out of the art and just the placement and timing of the movements.

Some of my favorite moments in this issue are just the facial expression people show when having to deal with this loud mouth web-head and that is what makes Spider-man great to me, he is just one of us if we got amazing powers, sure, for the most part, we would try our best to do good, but we also would joke around and have fun while doing it. So overall, I think the art is great and really adds to the story in exciting ways.

Webbing It All Together In The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Spider-Man, he is a character we all know and have grown up with. Sure, some of his stories have been strange and out there but this new team of writers and artists are bringing Spider-Man back to what makes him great. He is just a kid, given incredible powers, trying to juggle all life throws at him; work, girlfriends, family, friends, and saving the world.

This first issue and I hope the series is a fun ride with one of comics’ best characters and was enjoyable from the beginning and has me excited for what is to come. And if you are itching for some more Marvel Comics reviews be sure to check them out here!

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