The Adventures of Unemployed Man created by Erich Origen & Gan Golan is a comedic interpretation of the United States economic decline. They recreate classic superheros to characterize issues such as debt, gender inequality, and immigration.

While these issues are not humorous and a reality for some readers; Origen and Golan use timeless illustrations and witty dialogue to soften hard-hitting information.

The Adventures of Unemployed Man: The Dark Knight Of Self-Help

The Adventures of Unemployed Man follows the protagonist Bruce Paine also known as the Ultimatum. Blinded by his false sense of security and Paine Corp gear, he parades around to spread the message of positivity to the supposed deadbeats and freeloaders in the nation.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he is relieved from his superhero status and forced into a state of unemployment. From this point onward Bruce Paine formerly known as the Ultimatum becomes aware of the life outside of the Just Us League once he is ready to listen to his fellow-man.

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While Bruce Paine’s initial behavior is obnoxious and ignorant, it’s not uncommon to respond as he did. I think most people can admit to seeing someone who is homeless and looking the other way. In some instances that is how Bruce responded to the circumstances in which others were in.

People understand from their own perspective, not as if they are in the other person’s shoes. Bruce didn’t have the perspective to understand hardship because he was well off and lived in a mansion.

The Adventures of Unemployed Man

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The good news is Bruce Paine’s a dynamic character which means he’ll change throughout. For every displeasing quality he portrays in the beginning, he makes up for later on. We can all learn from Bruce Paine that we have the ability change if we are willing to listen.

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Fantastic Facts and Paine Corp

Occasionally the story is interrupted by a page of Fantastic Facts and Paine Corp advertisement. The featured items personify the ignorant behavior of people in our society. I believe this section reflects the cleverness and limitless creativity in which the creators possess. It’s clear that a lot of thought was put into this segment because it infuses comedy and observation.

The Adventures of Unemployed Man

Credit: The Adventures of Unemployed Man;

Classic Style and Hero Parody

The artwork in Unemployed Man replicated the style used in classic comics from the 1930s-1950s. While the style isn’t anything new the creator’s use of this style and recreation of characters was original.

Creator Tom Orzechowski spin on Wonder Woman to become Wonder Mother was incredible. She remained a strong female figure while portraying the issues in which women face in the workforce.

The Adventures of Unemployed Man: The Final Verdict

All in all The Adventures of Unemployed Man exceeded my initial expectations. This graphic novel portrayed political issues into a format for all ages to understand. The combination of superhero parody, satire and Obama’s superhero cameo had me hooked.

I hope to see more hard-hitting subjects covered within the comic book and graphic novel realm.

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