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The 5 Types of Supernatural Blogs on Tumblr

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From the Mishapocalypse to the famous “we have a gif for that“, it can be said that Supernatural is one of the most popular fandoms on Tumblr. In fact, there are SO many Supernatural blogs on Tumblr that it would be impossible to count them all. However, we are still going to try and classify them into 5 different categories. Here we go!

1. The Quality Blog

The “quality blog” is a phenomenon that is not exclusive to the Supernatural fandom. Quality blogs are blogs that often have minimalist themes and only reblog very neat graphics. It is very rare to find a text post, let alone a personal post or a post about something not related to the show. These blogs give a special aura of “cleanliness”. (PS: everybody has tried to be a quality blog at some point, don’t deny it).

2. The Messy Blog

And by “messy”, we don’t mean the themes or the different kinds of posts these blogs may have (although sometimes this also applies). By “messy” we mean the FEELINGS MESS. Fans who run these blogs are often overly emotional about everything. They like to torture themselves by rewatching the Season 5 finale or by generally watching Dean Winchester cry. Sometimes, they might reblog stuff from other fandoms. To them, it’s more about the Tumblr experience than the looks of their blogs.

3. The Specialised Blog

These are the blogs that are entirely dedicated to one single aspect of Supernatural or its fandom. We can find everything from screencaps, quotes, memes or even fanfic prompts. They work as recaps or organizers for the fandom and, in a way, they provide a service to the fandom.

4. The OTP Blog

More than based on Supernatural, these blogs are all about one ship. Perhaps they’re in it for their ship, or perhaps it’s just a side-blog for their beloved couple. Basically everything they post and/or reblog has to do with their OTP: fanarts, fanfics, fanvids, headcanons, gifs and SO MANY FEELS. Sometimes these blogs get mixed with Number 2.

5. The Meta blog

These blogs are all about analyzing every single aspect of Supernatural. They usually offer super long posts consisting of their thoughts on certain scenes, characters or plot developments. Given their wisdom, they also receive many asks from other fans who want to know their opinion on X matters (often related to shipping).

Do you have a Supernatural-based blog? Which category does it fall under?