The 5 Best Quotes from San Diego Comic-Con 2015


How is your hangover? Do you still have the con voice? San Diego Comic-Con 2015 is sadly over but so many things have happened in just four days! Today we have decided to recap what we believe to be the best quotes to come out of this year’s Comic-Con!

Zachary Levi on Nerd HQ

zacharylevy (q1)



William Shatner on Nerd HQ


“What I feel is the sense of mystery, the awe and wonder of science, of what’s out there and how sure are we about it. Cause everyday something’s being scraped away through an opaque window. So the latest things like dark matter, dark energy, eleven universes… Oh my god, there’s all kinds of strange things that Newtonian physics don’t even come anywhere close. Things wink in and out of existence. You look at it, it winks in, you don’t look at it, it winks out. What the hell is that?! (…) Every area of exploration, Star Trek had some kind of influence”.

Sophie Turner on Game Of Thrones Panel 

gotOn Sansa’s rape scene:

“I really don’t know why the camera was focusing on Theon cause I was giving a great performance”



Jordan Gavaris on Orphan Black Panel

ob“We like to be reductive in life sometimes. I don’t know why. It’s a social construct, whatever you want to call it, we reduce people down to sexuality, or their diseases, or their race, or their sex, or their gender, or whether or not they like Game of Thrones. But that is not who people are. People are complex, people are diverse, and there are much more interesting things to you than your sexuality”

Mark Sheppard on Nerd HQ


“We’re all touched by difficulty and to see you guys struggling and overcome and then help each other… That’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen around fandom”



Do you agree with your choices? Do you have any other favourite quotes from this year’s Comic-Con? If so, let us know in the comments!


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