WARNING: This review contains spoilers

After a two-part season premiere, third episodes are often not so intense. The 100 says F that and presents ‘Ye Who Enter Here‘, an episode that does not only maintain the intensity of the premiere, but escalates things even more, while tying some loose ends from the second season. With the Mount Weather people gone (and as we wait for whatever is supposed to happen with the City of Lights), the main conflict remains among Sky People and Grounders, and its different parties and disagreements. In ‘Ye Who Enter Here’, Grounders and Sky people come together in a new, more solid manner, but that doesn’t mean they’re on the same page.

One thing that defined the two-part premiere is that we had way too many characters and groups all dispersed across the map and all with different goals in mind. It was good, but a bit messy. ‘Ye Who Enter Here’ did an outstanding job at bringing the majority of these parties together without making it seem too complicated. Once again, the way The 100 is able to manage plot events and tie them to character development in a seemingly easy way continues to be one of the best things I’ve seen on television in recent years.

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Most intriguing character at the moment

Forget the City of Light (which we didn’t even get to see in this episode), all our focus right now is on the Ice Nation. And, in this case, I feel like I need to talk about Lexa, the one character that defined this episode. While Season 2-Lexa gave us the impression of a fearless, determined leader who was respected by everyone, this episode showcased a more fragile Lexa. Not because she was vocal about being fearful (she would never do that), but because she’s got threats all around her and her position doesn’t look so stable anymore. Yes, Lexa is still ruthless and she’s so focused on the mission that she doesn’t really care that much about people. However, there’s no point in denying that Clarke has changed her a little. After Clarke put a knife to her neck, her only comment was how much she regrets that Clarke turned into this. Lexa might fool herself, but Alycia Debnam-Carey flawless expressions are enough to make us see that Lexa has feelings too.

This season also introduced a new group: the Farm Station survivors, Sky People who don’t agree with Grounders and can’t really see themselves trusting them. Surprisingly, the majority of them are now gone, including Gina, Bellamy’s girlfriend, and probably Monty’s mom. All of that because of Echo, a girl from the Ice Nation that Bellamy had trusted due to their shared experienced in Mount Weather. This turned out to be a fatal decision, as the Ice Nation actually had an insider grounder who set an auto-destruct mechanism, killing everyone inside the facilities. I guess Mount Weather is finally gone for good now. So how did the Grounders know there was a self-destruct mechanism inside Mount Weather? Well, remember Emerson, the only survivor of Mount Weather from Season 2? Yeah, he’s with the Ice Nation now. Aside from that, the only survivors were Raven and Sinclair, who shared a very touching moment. And, even though we didn’t know much about Gina, Bellamy will probably now understand how Jasper has been feeling these past few months.

In terms of plot development, ‘Ye Who Enter Here’ was as important as the premiere. Aside from furthering character development, there were many important outcomes to this episode, the biggest one, the Sky People becoming the 13th clan under Lexa’s command.  Season 3 of The 100 promises a civil war, and judging how tense everything is already, it’s probably also going to be the biggest conflict we have seen so far.