WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘Wanheda: Part One’, the first of the two-part The 100 Season 3 premiere, takes us three months after the events of last season. This first episode allows us to explore the consequences, good and bad, of what the characters accomplished by taking down Mount Weather while proving once more that, no matter what happens, everyone is already broken.

The biggest mystery there was during the long hiatus was not only Clarke’s whereabouts, but also her state of mind. This mystery dragged on for the first half of the premiere and we didn’t start getting some answers (or new questions) until we found out that she is being hunted and has a bounty over her head for being “a symbol”. This fact “forces” her to change her appearance and hide with trading post worker Niylah (Jessica Harmon). There’s not much that we know about this character yet, only that Clarke ends up “using” her for sex to take her mind off her problems. Not saying Clarke doesn’t care about her, she is probably very grateful for her help, but I believe Clarke has just become numb to many things. As expected, she also has recurring nightmares, and there’s too much on her plate right now for her to start a relationship with anyone at this point.

Back to Camp Jaha, now re-named ‘Arkadia‘, Kane lets us know that there has been three months of peace since the events of Mount Weather. Their goal right now is to maintain it (we’ll see how long that lasts). Meanwhile, many things have changed for our characters. For one, Bellamy apparently has a girlfriend now. Jasper is completely broken after Maya’s death to the point of being completely reckless and even a menace not only to himself, but also to others. Raven’s leg is still an issue, which proves once more that, in this show, consequences are real and injuries don’t just disappear the following day. Lastly, there’s also Octavia, who looks more badass than ever riding a horse (I’m guessing the Arkadia is working on domestication now?).

Speaking of Octavia, I didn’t quite get her problem with Lincoln. Lincoln has had a very eventful journey since the beginning of the series, and I find him to be one of the most dynamic and interesting characters of The 100. Both of them have changed a lot, to the point that they pretty much find themselves on opposite sides from how they started. Seemingly, Octavia is not OK with Lincoln putting his guard down and becoming one of the Arkadia people. While I understand that Octavia has never been happy with the Arkadia authority because of her upbringing, I didn’t quite get what exactly she expects Lincoln to do. We’ll see how this develops.

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Finally, we have Murphy and Jaya, whose journey to the mystical “City of Light” keeps feeling so disconnected from the main storyline that I don’t even know how to approach it anymore. They certainly gave it a big importance last season by choosing the scene with Jaha as the cliffhanger for the season finale but, right now, everything is so vague and confusing that I find it hard to care. Murphy is a stray whose ABC is “pain, hate and envy”, while Jaha is acting more delusional than ever (and notice how I say ‘acting’, and not ‘being’). Adding to that strange pairing we have creepy Alie, we are introduced to some kind of Matrix-like happy pill and, if that wasn’t enough, that white house is starting to look like something out of an Arthur Clarke novel. Again, I’m sure that this storyline will be very important this season that it will all pay off but, so far, there’s not much that can be said about it.

‘Wanheda: Part One’  did everything a season premiere should do: expose the consequences of the past season and start teasing future plot points while adding new elements that makes the show stay fresh. The peace that has been accomplished is only pretty on the surface: everything looks more civilized, there’s a better use of technology and the main characters are not covered by blood all the time, but the pain and the harsh truth is still there. After all, everything has a price, and Clarke is still paying for it. She did not only sacrifice her ties with everyone around her, but also her mental health. And now for the questions for the future: where is Lexa? who exactly is looking for Clarke? Who is Wanheda?