Welcome to Fanfic Friday, everyone! Today is the first issue of school/college/high school AUs! Today we will be recommending 10 The 100 Various School AU Fics! These will be high school, college, any other any school themed. As always under “rating” it will indicate which schooling system it is — but, let’s jump right into it! Welcome to FF: 10 The 100 Various School AU Fic Recs!

1. Pulling Taffy Series – Book 1: My Friend’s Got a Bruise On His Leg (Every Time You Speak)

Summary: It’s Bellamy’s idea to spend more time with Monty. Or, really, its Bellamy’s idea to spend more time with Wells, so he can spend more time with Clarke, and, as a side-effect, Nate can spend more time with Monty.
Rating: Teen+ – M/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 17957

2. What’s Blood Gotta Do With It?

Summary: A great vampire under the name Wanheda disappeared years ago. But she was far from dead. Clarke Griffin doesn’t know she’s a vampire, her best friend’s a vampire, and her Mum’s boyfriend is a Vampire Hunter. And when everything goes to hell and back, she finds a world she had no idea existed – and no idea that it missed her.
Rating: Teen+ – F/F – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 221883

3. A Year Of Sundays

Summary: Two girls. One day. A lifetime of memories. For a year Clarke and Lexa meet in secret and learn important lessons of life, of peace, and of love.
Rating: Teen+ – F/F – Alternate Universe: High School – Homophobia – Homophobic Language
Words: 97639

4. “do you ever keep your mouth shut, asshole?”

By: dreamsequence
Summary: Murphy’s timer hadn’t began ticking until the day after he turned sixteen years old.
Rating: Teen+ – M/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 2167

5. You Always Make Me Smile

Summary: “You and your friends are going to be the death of me,” Jackson deadpans, before swatting Jasper over the head gently. He squawks in response and Maya giggles.
Rating: Teen+ – M/M – Alternate Universe – Boarding School – LGBTQ Friendly
Words: 2268

6. Full House

Summary: Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane have seen countless children come through their home when they have nowhere else to go.
Rating: Teen+ – F/F, Multi – Alternate Universe: High School – Orphans
Words: 20324

7. Worth It

Summary: They have limited time together, so when Raven lands herself in detention, Lexa needs to find a way to join her.
Rating: Teen+ – F/F – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 4908

8. Children Without Restrictions

Summary: Octavia is new at Arkadia Elementary, and she meets Clarke. She didn’t know it at the time, but they would be best friends. Bellamy raised Octavia and is trying his best, their mom isn’t doing well, and Octavia is scared.
Rating: Teen+ – Alternate Universe – Elementary School
Words: 1300

9. I Found Myself A Cheerleader

Summary: A modern AU with Clarke, Octavia, and Raven as cheerleaders, Bellamy and the guys as football players and a whole bunch of debauchery through high school.
Rating: Not Rated, Mature Themes – F/M, M/M – Alternate Universe: High School
Words: 7025

10. The Missing Piece

Summary: Clarke finds her life completely changed when a shy brunette makes her way into it. Basically, a typical high school story where Lexa is shy and oblivious while Clarke is protective af.
Rating: Mature – F/F – Alternate Universe: High School – Homophobia
Words: 122356

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