The 100: Not the cheesy teenage angst that you would expect from the CW. The 100 is actually one of the most intense, dark and crude shows on TV right now.

In A Nutshell:

The story is set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war has wiped out the majority of life on Earth and made the planet unsurvivable. The remaining humans left live in a massive space station in Earth’s orbit called ‘The Ark’. Since there are few resources, life in the Ark is very strict and nothing guarantees you to survive. One day, they decide to send 100 young humans to Earth to determine the planet’s current state and whether it is survivable or not. As soon as the 100 land on Earth, they realize that they might not be alone. The chosen ones will try their hardest to survive as well as keeping the Ark updated on everything that’s going on.

Meet the Characters

Clarke Griffin - The 100 - The Daily Fandom

Clarke Griffin

Clarke is the main protagonist. She learned some medical skills from her mother, Abigail. Clarke is a very righteous and strong character who always speaks her mind and doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice herself for others. She’s regarded as a born leader, often feeling like she’s the one who should be looking out for everyone and making sure they all stay together.


Bellamy Blake - the 100 - the daily fandom

Bellamy Blake

Bellamy is one of the lead male characters. Bellamy quickly takes the role of the leader, but he usually makes questionable choices that often lead to him fighting with Clarke over what should be done. He’s usually rude and blunt to everyone and very protective of Octavia, his little sister.



Octavia Blake - the 100 - the daily fandom

Octavia Blake

Octavia is Bellamy’s younger sister. Her whole existence was kept secret in the Ark because one of the main rules in the space station is that every parent should only have one child. Octavia doesn’t like being constantly controlled by Bellamy and prefers to wander alone to explore Earth, which often gets her in trouble.



Abigail Griffin - the 100 - the daily fandom

Abigail Griffin

Abigail is Clarke’s mother. She lives in the Ark and works as a Doctor and as a Council member. Her husband died a few years ago. She doesn’t like taking other people’s orders and fights for establishing contact with The 100 and confirming that they’re alive.



(As you can guess by the title, this series has A LOT of characters, hence why we have only featured a few of them here).

A Brief History of The 100: The When, Where and How

The 100 is an American post-apocalyptic drama series by the CW. Created by Jason Rothenberg and based on a book of the same name, the series started airing in March, 2014. The show is currently in its third season.

The series earned a lot of popularity and good reviews from critics worldwide. As a matter of fact, an estimated 2.7 million American viewers watched the premiere, making it the most-watched show in its time-slot on the CW since 2010. Fans of sci-fi and the survival genre praise this show for its unpredictability, characters and world building. The show earned even more popularity after its thrilling Season 2 was released.

Why It’s Awesome


Before giving this show a chance, potential watchers usually fear that it’s going to be just another teen show full of teen angst and love triangles and, for a few episodes, it kinda was. However, the show takes a different turn from episode 6 onwards and then Season 2 and 3 are a straight up roller coaster.

There are many reasons why The 100 has become one of the most successful CW shows in recent years. Post-apocalyptic scenarios are always appealing and The 100 knows how to play into that, from making every character unique to building the atmosphere for what an abandoned Earth would look like. The show also tackles matters of ethics and politics. What would work best for them? Complete anarchy? A dictatorship? A group of leaders? And this is the best part of this show: these characters have never found themselves in this situation before so it’s very interesting to see them debate (and fight) over what they should do next and how they should behave, both on Earth and with their communications with The Ark.

One of the strongest points of the series is its characters and the relationships between them. There’s also a lot of space for character development. That character you hated at first might end up being your favourite one, and vice versa. If that wasn’t enough, the show also uses diversity to represent all of humanity: from the portrayal of different races to different sexual orientations.

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 8,5/10
Characters 9/10
Fandom 8,5/10
Diversity 9,5/10
Drama/Comedy 8,5/10
Total 44/50

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