Just so you all know, I’m not churning up three recaps a day as a way to cope with the fact that I’m stuck on the other side of the ocean and not in San Diego. Totally. Not. I’m just very invested in fandom life, that’s all. Right now I’m bringing you all the news of what happened at The 100 SDCC panel, that held place in Ballroom 20 on July 10th.

Let’s start with a little head count. Basically everyone is here. Jason Rothenberg, and then our beloved cast – Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropolous, Isaiah Washington, Lindsey Morgan and Ricky Whittle, all cleaned up and not looking post-apocalyptic for once. The panel starts off pretty well with a spoiler – season 3 will actually be after the show’s first time jump, so we will find out characters a couple of months after the last season finale. And what about the story? Jason says that with the whole AI thing that involved Jaha at the end of season 2 the show will drift towards a more sci-fi mood, the same one that the show had in the very first episodes.

But honestly, what we’re all dying to know is how our beloved babies will be faring. Eliza goes first, as the fearless leader she is, stating that things aren’t easy for Clarke – you don’t say – and that she’s «gone batshit crazy. Last season was huge and traumatic for her», and she’s clearly suffering some pretty bad form of PTSD. Running away like she did in the final episode wasn’t really like her, Eliza adds, and «when we pick things up I think she’s going to be losing it a little». Clarke, be strong. We love you, you know we do.

And who else do we love? Bellamy, obviously, and Bob says that with Clarke gone, it’ll be up to Bellamy to keep the group together. The other Blake in the panel, Marie, adds that her Octavia has finally learnt where she belongs thanks to Lincoln, and that she couldn’t give up the world of the grounders anymore. «She’d have a hart time going back», and well, if going back means ending under the floor again, we can totally understand her. Isaiah says that things will be interesting for Jaha, and then it’s time for my precious love Lindsey to say something about our favorite mechanic – Raven will keep on getting stronger, and she’s learning how to live and operate no matter what. For Lindsey, having the chance of playing a character with a disability on TV is really great, and what she has to say on Raven, «She kicks ass», deserves an AMEN. Ricky praises Lincoln’s moral compass, all the while making everybody freak out because of his #Linctavia baseball cap. «He’s always tried to fight for what he believes is right and he’ll continue to make sacrifices. His body’s a war map of pain and torture. Bring it on, season three!», he adds. Yeah, but not to much, I beg from my little fangirl corner.

So, we’ll be seeing a lot more development for our characters, and we can never have too much of it, especially in a series such as The 100, where big traumas happen and everyone has to deal with it. And then it’s time for the fan questions, which are pretty deep just like the series itself.
«It’s possible for the characters to be good people while trying to survive?», and Eliza answers, «I think they’re all deep down pretty damn good», with Bob agreeing that it’s the situation that’s terrible. Ricky too puts things into perspective, «If you find yourself in a jungle fighting for your life, how far would you go? We like to think we’d all do the right thing, but I think we’d all find ourselves protecting the ones we love», and chapeau to that. Lindsey goes on praising the show for the way it makes you think about what’s on the screen, and I can 100% get behind her in this line of thought.

Then the million dollar questions – relationships. Could Clarke and Lexa ever reconcile? Jason says there’s the possibility of it, since she’s coming back for the new season, but there will be «fireworks» when the two meet. And Eliza agrees, «I think it would be interesting to see how they butt heads or not. But Clarke is pissed!». But then— Bellarke. Oh, Bellarke. «They’re a good team», Eliza says, and adds, «I think there are going to be some issues». Bob has his own say too, «Clarke gives him the confidence to trust himself, and he might not be able to make decisions without here. Romantically, though, I don’t see anything like that appearing», but Jason cuts him off saying that the chemistry between the characters is clear for everyone to see, and that, «You never know». I know something, Jason— you shouldn’t be toying with us like that!

Questions get lighter as we move away from the whole ‘ship department‘. One fan asks who are the cast’s favorite characters – Isaiah likes Indra, Ricky adores Murphy, and honestly who doesn’t, while Eliza and Marie praise Monty. And so does the audience because I mean, Monty. Enough said. Again, «what would be the cast’s dream stunts?» Ricky immediately clarifies that they all do their own stunts, and that we won’t be missing them in season three. Then one question I particularly adored – what would the stars dress up for Comic-Con? Lindsey would be Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Marie would be Catwoman, while Eliza would be Sailor Moon. Can I please have these cosplays like today? I feel I need them in my life. Especially Sailor Eliza.

Speaking of cosplays, another fan, in a very impressive Clarke attire that all the cast members adored, asks about representation in the show. It’s Jason who answers, «The truth is that for us it’s not about gender or race or sexuality, it’s about can you survive or not. Are you strong or are you weak? That’s the only division on the show», and while there are a couple of things I might add to this sentence, I do find it pretty good overall. The 100 remains one of the shows with a decent amount of representation when it comes to race and sexuality – so yeah, we agree with you there, Jason.

The panel ends with a fan begging for some light comedic parts in the show, since season two has been a «smattering of depression». Again, it’s Jason saying, «The world is a tough world. We’re just trying to be honest and true to it – it’s killed or be killed. But they’ll find some hope within each other. And while the show is dark, and it’s going to be dark, those little spots of comedy will be there.» Well, that’s an uplifting note, and something to take us through the long wait, since it’ll be 2016 before The 100 returns to our screens!

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