The 100 ‘Red Sky at Morning’ Review: Alie Is Everywhere


Things are looking more hopeless than ever in The 100. ‘Red Sky at Morning’ shows an unstoppable, omnipresent Alie as the youngsters struggle to convince Luna. How are they gonna wrap this up in only two episodes?


Let’s start by addressing the question on everyone’s mind: was the trip to Luna’s oil rig pointless? It’s hard to say. Clarke’s group’ mission was to convince Luna to take the flame to be the next Commander, but that has proven to be impossible. They tried to talk it over to no avail, Clarke desperately forced it on her (seriously, Clarke?) but it was no use and not even Alie herself appearing there and causing Luna to have to kill those she loves did the trick. As a result, Luna, who has taken the pacifist way, doesn’t take revenge on the Sky People for having caused such disasters and instead of that she just drugs them and kicks them out of the place. Yes, the trip could be considered pointless for the group as they didn’t learn much information either, but I doubt it’s going to be irrelevant for the story in the long run. I’m convinced we haven’t seen the last of Luna. She was super badass (“I didn’t flee the conclave because I was afraid I would lose. I fled the conclave because I knew I would win”) and I doubt they would hype her character up so much only to not have her appear again. Maybe not this season, but next one.

Meanwhile, Murphy, Indra and Pike find themselves under the typical situation of “common enemy”. Their choice of destroying the entire city is reminiscent to what Clarke did in Mount Weather, so I find it hard to believe that they would go down the “massacre” road again, especially since so many relevant characters would die. As per the events taking place at Arkadia, while I believe Monty and Harper’s hookup was quite random, I also wonder if there is something more to it. I have already seen some speculation that she might have been chipped, but I hope that’s not the case because Monty really needs to catch a break, especially after having had to killer her mother again.

The end of the episode leaves us with Alie having managed to transmit herself into The Ark in space. It totally seems like a lost battle at this point and it’s hard to image how Clarke and the others will manage to stop Alie with no resources, especially since Murphy’s team might have other methods in mind.


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