The 100 ‘Perverse Instantiation: Part Two’ Review: Overcoming Pain


Season 3 of The 100 has had many good episodes that glued us to the screen, but also many bad episodes that even made some fans quit the show… ‘Perverse Instantiation: Part Two’ was a good one.


While most of the finale was invested in very intense and action-packed scenes, this second part was also full of emotions. From the first minutes we got to see what was probably the most touching scene Clarke and Abby have shared together, and the final moments when all the chipped people were brought back to their senses was also rewarding and very well-done. In a sense, the hope that was lacking during all season finally got to shine in this episode.

However, the biggest highlight of the finale was the return of Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa when she suddenly appeared to save Clarke. One of the many (many, many) complaints about Lexa’s death was the fact that she died in such a meaningless, lackluster way. A warrior like Lexa should have gone down in battle, and so the finale gave us a chance to see badass Lexa fighting alongside her girlfriend. Aside from keeping her alive, there’s not really much else we could ask for.

It was a happy ending for all, but a bittersweet for our main heroine. I found it very sad that Clarke, the person who was responsible for saving everyone this time, was the only one who didn’t get her loved one back. The fact that very few people knew about her romance with Lexa as well as her sacrifice makes it even worse. She had plenty of reasons to stay in the City of Light with Lexa, but she chose to be selfless, move on and overcome her pain instead. It was very hard for her to do, but it was ultimately the right choice. As a matter of fact, this season has done an excellent job at showing how damaged all these characters are and that, despite having done bad things, they still deserve a break because they were ultimately trying to do the right thing.

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Jaha willingly took the pill. What will become of him in S4?

Regardless of that, ‘Perverse Instantiation: Part Two’ wasn’t perfect. Clarke’s last minute decision with Ontari’s blood transfusion seemed like a cop-out and the way in which the plot for Season 4 was introduced felt a bit too casual and also raised many questions like: why didn’t she tell them about this from the beginning? Thankfully, I was able to look past it thanks to Erica Cerra’s amazing performance and Clarke’s works: ‘You don’t ease pain, you overcome it. And we will’. It was a very powerful line that certainly lived up to the moment.

Speaking of the plot for Season 4, it seems like the Earth will soon be unlivable due to the remaining nuclear power plants melting down. Even though I’m clueless as to how these characters could fight something like this (will they go back to space?), I have to say I’m pretty happy with this turn of events. The whole ‘Grounders’ vs ‘Sky People’ was becoming tiresome and Octavia killing Pike (it HAD to be her!) could also be seen as a metaphor for the end of the conflicts between these two clans. I’m very interested in exploring more about the state of the planet and what all these people plan to do in regards of forming some kind of civilization, so Season 4 is definitely something I’ll be looking forward to!


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