Forget the Grounders, forget the adults. ‘Nevermore’ is all about “The 100”.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

One of the things that attracted so many people to the CW’s The 100 was not only the fact that it was about a group of outcast teenagers trying to survive on a new Earth, but the fact that there was so much tension and so many conflicts among them. It was realistic. Even if we would rather have them getting along, right now the problem is not that Octavia is mad at Bellamy or that Jasper can’t forgive Clarke. The problem comes from the fact that with the arrival of the adults and the world building introduced in Season 2 (made even bigger in Season 3), a lot of that “delinquent teens against the world” feel has gotten lost. Let’s be honest, what’s the point of the show being called ‘The 100’ at this point?

‘Nevermore’ remembers how those Season 1 episodes felt like and gives us 40 minutes of some of The 100 survivors fighting against Alie, who is currently in Raven’s mind. As we previously guessed, they went back to Niylah’s to get the wristband to break the connection. However, the task was not easy and all the episode featured the characters trying to free Raven from Alie. However, and even if Lindsey Morgan’s performance was once again praiseworthy, the focus of attention was on placing all these individuals under one same roof and give them the chance to have some overdue talks, even if hard truths were spilled and feelings were hurt (I’m looking at you, Bellamy and Clarke).

Fortunately, Clarke remembers what happened with Lexa and comes up with a way to save Raven by making a cut on her nape so that the black blood will come out. Unfortunately, that makes Monty realize that he could have saved his mother, Hannah. There’s been some really dark moments in the series and Monty shooting his own mother to save Octavia is probably in the TOP 10.

There were no Grounders in this episode, but it wasn’t really necessary either. There’s just too much going on with the Sky People, and the City of Light/Alie happen to be related to the Grounders anyway. Right now it seems like the relationship between Grounders and ‘Skaikru’ will keep on being complicated and being the source of plenty of conflicts, but they do have a common enemy in Alie, so Niylah could play an important role here.