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The 100 ‘Demons’ Review: The Demons of Revenge

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The 100 gets spooky with ‘Demons’, an episode that shows the dangers of revenge and adds a shocking game-changing twist. And some more death.


One thing that seemed to work wonders with last week’s ‘Nevermore’ was seeing the youngest working together like they used to in Season 1. ‘Demons’ keeps the same formula as the 100 group begin searching for Luna. Sadly, the cost of getting some answers was Sinclair’s life. While Sinclair was not a main character, he was a great one who has been there since Day 1 and who was very useful as the best engineer (Raven will have to take on that role now). His killer was Emerson, whose comeback was to be expected and also left much to be desired. We already knew that, no matter the everyone-dies Game of Thrones vibe the show has been giving lately, it was VERY unlikely that the show would kill everyone inside that room at the same time. On top of that, rather than a character, Emerson felt more like a loose plot point, a character who randomly appeared to F shit up every now and then. If anything, Emerson being free was just a way for Clarke to feel good about her decisions for once and for her to make peace with herself after the Mount Weather massacre. As a result, in this episode Clarke learns that, while killing him is not the right choice, it’s the choice that will keep them safe. And isn’t everyone acting under that motto lately?

What really did scare me, though, was the scenes between Murphy and Emori. As sweet as their reunion was, I couldn’t help but suffer through the whole thing because I kept fearing that Emori would die. Fortunately, she didn’t die, but she still got chipped, and so did Ontari (don’t feel bad for her, though). And thus, Jaha, Alie and their zombie army have now control of Polis (how did they get there before Kane or Indra?).

It’s no secret that Season 3 has been problematic in many aspects. Besides the Lexa fiasco, it has also had its weakest moments and questionable out of character action, but if there’s one thing it’s done magnificently is tying different storylines to keep on changing the scenario. While the beginning of the season felt like a fast-paced plot mess, it’s become much clear to see what’s actually going on and who are the real enemies now.

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