The 100 ‘Bitter Harvest’ Review: Blood Must Not Have Blood


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

The 100‘s ‘Bitter Harvest’ moved a lot of plot points forward in an episode that explored that peace is not only hard to achieve, but also hard to maintain.

In a season that puts in confrontation two different sides of the Sky People, Octavia and Bellamy were bound to face off at some point. The Sky People in Arkadia still feel somewhat responsible for what Pike’s people are doing and so they are spying on them. Pike’s plan in this episode is to attack a Grounder village to acquire some resources, which is basically them using the often dangerous ‘what needs to be done’ argument. In this instance, we got to see Bellamy feeling some remorse and still arguing with Pike, but at the end of the day, he’s still obeying to everything he says. Meanwhile, Octavia warns the village of Pike’s plans, which served as as parallel for the Ice Nation girl who warned and betrayed Bellamy earlier in the season, except that Octavia’s motives were genuine. Octavia has been full on Grounder for a while, but she will always belong to the Sky People as well, something that makes her a key character in this season.

Meanwhile, Clarke is also faced with a difficult decision. Lexa has accepted peace as her legacy (‘legacy’ being another addition to her death flag), but Clarke has her doubts when Emerson comes back for her. Killing Emerson would have been the easiest option for Clarke, as he’s not only a danger to her, but also a reminder of what she did in Mount Weather. However, Clarke doesn’t need that reminder because she knows those memories will haunt her all her life. At the moment, Clarke and Lexa are constantly reassuring each other that peace is the way to go. How long this will last, that is something we will have to see.

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Now that things seem to be a bit more calm (as calm as they can get in this series), Jaha starts creating conflict in Arkadia with his City of Light message. They have already won Raven over: her leg doesn’t hurt anymore (something that baffles Abby) and she also appears to be happy and at peace. Her attitude is very similar to Jaha’s, which makes me wonder if what we’re seeing is actually the effects of the drug that create some kind of trance (Jaha had trouble remembering his own son!). The biggest revelations also came with this plot point: there is a computer program that would mean finding a second version of Alie and the name Polis is actually taken from Polaris, the thirteenth space station. On top of that, Jasper also appears to ask for relief for his emotional/mental pain. Abby seems to be genuinely worried about what Jaha is doing, but I don’t think there’s much she can do against Alie at this point.

“Blood must not have blood” seems to be the new motto for everyone, but we know that peace cannot possibly last long in this series. Even when everything is pretty much calm at the moment, there’s still a lot of conflicts going on. Bellamy and Octavia’s little confrontation is only a sign of how bad things can get, and Jaha and Alie promise to bring a lot of trouble in Arkadia.


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