Thank You Come Again Web Series’ Has An Indiegogo Campaign!

<em>Thank You Come Again</em> Web Series' Has An Indiegogo Campaign! 4


The queer sex-positive web series, Thank You Come Again that we know and love has an Indiegogo Campaign! TYCA is a comedic sex-positive web series that follows Riley, an uptight grad student. She has a new job at the “Pleasure Chest,” where a colorful queer team of misfits introduces her to the world of sex toys.

The Pleasure Chest…and Tinder?

This web series follows the employees and how they work together to improve the sex lives of their diverse clientele… and, their prudish new coworker.

<em>Thank You Come Again</em> Web Series' Has An Indiegogo Campaign! 5

This beautiful and insightful web series examines dating, being intimate in a world of swipe-happy hookups and app-controlled orgasms, and, it centers on the sex lives of characters who mainstream series’ often overlook.


The representation is an enjoyable part of what this series entails. The incredible, Chelsea Steiner is the screenwriter and sex educator for the series. What TYCA does perfectly is shine a light on those characters we do not often see because they are too risque — queer, trans, disabled, gender variant, basically all of the LGBTQ+ community that is often not showcased as they should be in TV/Web/Films.

“As soon as I [Chelsea Steiner] started this job, I knew that there was a story to be told here. This job attracts the most creative, interesting and diverse group of individuals I’ve ever met, and is truly unlike any other workplace I’ve ever experienced.”

You can find Thank You Come Again on all social media under “@TYCAShow.” If you want to donate to their campaign and get some goodies, you can find their campaign here!

Season 3, Episode 13: "Reboots, Revamps, and The Lethal Fandom."
Season 3, Episode 13: “Reboots, Revamps, and The Lethal Fandom”