Ten Times That Captain Swan Had The Once Upon A Time Fandom Squealing

Captain Swan. What can I say, I have a practically unhealthy obsession with Emma Swan and Killian Jones. I don’t regret a single second of my prolonged moments of screaming when we get glimpses of them. Just a heads up, this post WILL contain spoilers as I choose MY top ten moments.

These two characters would be nowhere nearly as special if two amazing actors didn’t portray them. The beautiful and compassionate Jennifer Morrison and the devilishly handsome and humble Colin O’Donoghue. These two actors’ chemistry as an on-screen couple is a rarity that is a miracle to all of those who are invested in their interactions.

There have been countless moments of unadulterated cuteness and hilarity between Emma and Killian. But, this is my personal list of my favourite ten scenes. So sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea and be prepared to scream over some of the greatest on-screen moments in Once Upon A Time (in my opinion).

#10 – “I Hope It’s My Job To Protect Your Heart” – 4×20 Mother

This scene resonated with me in a way I never thought possible. The simplicity of Emma and Killian sitting together staring at the ocean so beautiful and symbolic. The wide shot of the two sat in front of the ocean was so gorgeous, my heart could barely take it. The way that O’Donoghue said the line, “I hope it’s my job to protect your heart” had my own beating so fast it almost flew out of my chest. The scene was a combination of beauty and elegance. It will forever be remembered as one of the cutest scenes of domesticity seen between the couple.

#9 – Emma and Hook Dancing Like Angels – 5×02 The Price

So far in Once Upon A Time, we have been blessed by three dance sequences shared between O’Donoghue and Morrison and all have been unbelievably adorable. In 3×21, when Killian was the one to share Emma’s first dance will forever be remembered as an iconic scene. However, for me, the dance shared between the two in 5×02 was just that inch more incredible.

The way that they seemed lost in their own world as they spun across the ballroom to the words of Yazoo’s Only You was like a pocket of magic on the screen. Morrison grabbing hold of the hook worn by O’Donoghue was just perfection. This episode as a whole showed the development and trust between the two characters in possibly the most squeal-worthy scene ever.

#8 – Emma Asks Hook To Move In – 6×03 The Other Shoe

This scene had me broken for a few days straight after first watching it; the combination of Morrison’s soft voice and hand playing with O’Donoghue’s hair had me crying like a baby. The statement that every day you have to “walk out the door and hope there’s not a bus” explicitly shows Emma’s development. This scene showed that Emma was finally open to living life during the “quiet moments” and not letting her ‘impending’ death prevent her happiness.

The almost exact mirroring of Emma and Hook’s kiss in 3×22 through camera angles and positioning was every dedicated OUAT fanatic’s dream, the slow lean-in and to the soft smiles post-kiss. The quiet and simplistic nature of the scene showed Emma and Hook’s gentle progression as a couple. It explores their complete willingness to dedicate themselves to each other. 

#7 – Hook Trades His Ship For Emma – 3×22 There’s No Place Like Home.

This scene has deemed by the fandom as Captain Swan’s real first kiss, following the liplock in 3×05 that was one that had me tugging at my collar due to the intense passion. The transition from fighting for dominance to the softness in this kiss is why it makes it onto my list. The fact that you can actually see the change in Morrison’s eyes when Killian tells Emma that his secret is so pure and beautiful.

The way that Morrison leans forward to kiss O’Donoghue is forever ingrained in my memory. The moment that he caresses her chin with his thumb turns me into a sobbing mess on the floor. The smiles shared between the two characters when they briefly break the kiss speak volumes.

This is due to the fact that we know that this is when Emma’s walls start to break. O’Donoghue’s small smile reveals how in awe Killian is, the woman that he is deeply in love with has finally expressed and returned affection towards him.

#6 True Love – 5×20 Firebird

This Emma and Captain Swan-centric was a dream and a nightmare all wrapped up in one beautiful episode. The CS mini-adventure was everything that I thought I needed in life.

The highlight of the episode was by far the scene where Emma had to weigh her heart to see if her love for Killian was true. The soft tones used by O’Donoghue and Morrison, along with the adorable smiles had me screaming into my pillow. Emma admitting to Killian that she could only tell him how she felt about him when they were facing death was the perfect way to show her development. This has been particularly perfect since the rest of the episode was focused on her learning how to protect herself.

Obviously, this scene means the world to me as it finally confirmed what we had known all along; that Emma and Killian are true love. The use of the scales and ‘true love test’ was so unique and different. The fact of true love being that they had to choose one another was overwhelmingly wonderful to see played out on screen and fit so perfectly for the two characters. Emma barrelling into Killian and knocking him to the ground showed the fierce devotion she has for him. Also, the happy smiles shared after the revelation sent me spiraling into a screaming and sobbing mess.

#5 Emma Tackles Hook in a Hug – 4×23 Operation Mongoose Part 2

That moment when you have the overwhelming fear that your favourite character is dead is no fun for anyone. So when it gets revealed that he is okay, naturally you are going to be ecstatic. In terms of Captain Swan though, this was made even better by the audience sharing their happiness with Emma. Seeing Emma run up those stairs and tackle Killian in a hug that was so tight and passionate made me giggle along with her. And knowing that Morrison improvised the movement makes the scene even cuter.

Knowing that Emma is in love with Killian, this scene had us all on the edge of our seats. However, as this is Once Upon A Time, Emma’s walls snap back into place, and she doesn’t confess her love for Killian. The scene is still one of the most adorable moments, mainly due to Morrison’s giggles and O’Donoghue’s messy hair.

#4 – Storytime. – 6×07 Heartless

I will admit it, I watched this scene on repeat for days after it aired. The couple looking at the two of them in Henry’s storybook for the first time together was heart-wrenching. The entire time Killian was telling Emma her story I was a complete wreck. The softness in Morrison’s eyes made my heart melt, and I think I nearly died when Killian kissed her hand. The entire scene was a CS fan’s every wish. Despite the episode being angsty due to evil threats, Captain Swan managed to make us cry happily.

#3 – Emma and Killian Are Reunited – 5×21 Last Rites

Despite airing nearly two years ago, this scene still has me screaming into my pillow every time I watch it. The heartbreak of Killian’s death in 5×11 was still raw for me ten episodes later. As soon as I saw that rush of light, I knew what had happened, and tears were falling again.

Morrison and O’Donoghue played the reunion in such a beautiful way that meant nothing could stop my smile for weeks. The absolute amazement that the pair of them displayed was so incredible. Emma kissing Killian on the cheek as he explains sets me off squealing every time.

Being a nerd and having read the script that Adam Horowitz posted on Twitter means this moment’s even more special. The script mentions ‘we get lost in this couple’s love for one another,’ which I feel the actors executed perfectly. This reunion scene will always be on top of any Captain Swan list for me. The emotions that I felt when it aired still sits deep within me whenever it plays and probably always will.

#2 – The Second Proposal – 6×17 Awake.

This episode means more to me since it aired on my birthday. The fact that Captain Swan got engaged on my birthday still amazes me. This scene was the perfect ending to an angst-filled separation. Emma returning Killian’s hook and trying to clean him up shows their domesticity. Not only that, but Killian stopping her because he just needs to propose is so wonderful. The proposal itself was short and sweet and just so wonderfully appropriate.

Don’t fear, I’m going to mention the cinematography and music in this scene. The swooping camera motion as Emma kisses Killian is gorgeous. The variation of the Captain Swan theme music is so beautiful and emotional. Overall, this scene is just overwhelmingly beautiful in every possible way.

#1 – The Vows – 6×20 The Song in Your Heart.

Let’s be honest, you probably predicted that this scene would be my number one. It’s the wedding of my favourite couple. Not many fans are blessed to view their OTP getting married on screen and even less get a song sung by them after. The combination of the vows and A Happy Beginning will forever be remembered as truly iconic TV. Both Emma and Killian were stunning in their outfits, especially that bow-tie. 

I can’t even express how beautiful this scene is to anyone who hasn’t seen it. It may be short, but it is oh so beautiful. The soft spoken vows, the smiles on their faces as they kiss, the transition from the dip-kiss into the first dance and song. I truly don’t believe a scene can ever make me squeal more, nor do I want it to.

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