In ‘Superposition’, we learn a bit more about the Ghost Riders while the pack keeps trying to remember who they have forgotten.


‘Superposition’ starts with the pack going on with a life without Stiles, like Liam and Scott practising lacrosse.

The Ghost Riders once again play an important part in the episode as Mason and Corey encounter them when they find a new victim, one of their school mates. Mason can’t stop thinking about what happened with the Ghost Riders, and so they go back to where it happened: the library. Once there, Corey uses his invisibility powers to look around the room for any clues. They end up finding the library card of the missing class mate and come to the conclusion that he has been erased from existence.

Another theme that’s prominent throughout the whole episode is that the pack (especially Lydia, Scott and Malia) trying to find out why they feel like someone is missing. This feeling, in combination with the findings of Mason and Corey, leads them to seek out Deaton for help. The three of them come to the conclusion that it’s the same person they’re all missing, and that’s why they are all experiencing the phantom pain. Deaton also has a way to trigger Lydia’s subconscious, putting her in a trance. In this trance, she starts writing one word that reads as ‘mischief’. This could be a hint to Stiles’ real name, although at this point it’s not clear if i’s true, or if any of the pack members ever knew his real first name. It’s also important to note that Lydia is the one who brought them a step closer to remembering Stiles because she promised him she wouldn’t forget.¬†Throughout the episode, Lydia is struggling again with her powers, but in the end they prove to be very helpful .

‘Superposition’ was quite the entertaining episode to watch, albeit the absence of Stiles is already affecting the show. Fortunately, there’s still room for some comic relief through Coach Finstock who, as always, delivers his absurdly funny commentary. The episode has a nice mixture of the on-going storyline regarding the Ghost Riders and other smaller subplots, like the relationship between Corey and Mason or the inter pack relationship between Scott and Liam.