Teen Wolf ‘Sundowning’ Recap & Review

‘Sundowning’ sees the pack tryng to keep Beacon Hills safe while Lydia, Scott and Malia are still looking for clues as to who the forgotten person is.


‘Sundowning’ has two major storylines going on. The first one is the continuing search for more information, which they find in form of Sheriff Stilinski’s father. The second is the fact that Hayden, Corex, Liam and Mason are trying to keep a girl at school from being erased after her sister has already disappeared.

The Ghost Riders have claimed a new victim: a girl called Phoebe. Her sister, Quinn, is frantically searching for her. Hayden tries to help her, but Quinn does not want to believe her. They of course realize that Quinn is also in danger of being taken by the Ghost Riders because she saw them. While Scott and the two girls are going to see the Sheriff’s dad, Liam and the rest of the pack are supposed to keep Quinn save from the Ghost Riders. They have the idea that the lacrosse party should rather be at Scott and Liam’s place because they can keep Quinn safe there by using Mountain Ash. During the party one of the Ghost Riders comes in looking for Quinn, and Corey touches him, making him visible to everyone at the party. This leads to everyone fleeing the party. The only ones left are Liam, Corey, Hayden, Mason and Quinn. Mason puts some Mountain Ash around the Ghost Rider, but it only holds him in for a little while. As he is trying to take Quinn, Deputy Parrish bursts in and distracts the Ghost Rider, who then vanishes into thin air. They succeed in rescuing Quinn from being erased, although now that they can be seen from everyone the whole High School and Town might be in great danger.

The second storyline is quite intriguing. It’s a hunt for clues, and Sheriff Stilinski gives another piece of  information: he knows what a Stiles is, and that his father’s nickname in the army was Stiles. Scott asks the Sheriff if they could go and visit his Father since he might have some helpful information. The Sheriff forbids them to visit the Nursing Home, but of course the three of them still go anyway. During their visit, they don’t find out much, and at some point the Sheriff comes in and interrupts them. The encounter between Sheriff Stilinski and his father gives a crucial piece of information to the sheriff. His father remarks that the Sheriff should just go back to his “dead wife” and “loser son”. At this point, it is clear that his father can only remember that life because he was not affected by the memory eraser since he already has dementia. So basically, not everyone and everything is affected by the Ghost Riders, and there might be ways to bring back Stiles and for everyone to remember him again. One of the last scenes sees the Sheriff talking to Scott about what happened, and telling him that he had a dream so vivid and detailed that he sometimes thinks it’s a memory. In that dream, he and Claudai are talking about children and about how they would name their son. Claudia says that the boy will have the nickname Stiles.

‘Sundowning’ is an entertaining and intriguing episode in which we find out some relevant information that could bring the return of Stiles a little bit closer.

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