‘Teen Wolf’ SDCC Panel Recap


There’s seemingly nothing worst in the vast realm of possibilities than being stuck in Europe – which is boiling up thanks to the strongest heat wave in the last decade or something, I might add – when on the other side of the Atlantic all of your favorite actors are gathering in one place to talk about the shows and movies and franchises you’re crying your life over. Thank the Internet for livestreams. So, here’s the recap of what happened on July 9th in Ballroom 20 at the Teen Wolf SDCC panel!

We start with a bang, since after moderator Kevin smith got his hands on his very own Beacon Hills jersey – which, rude, I’d sell a kidney for the epic ‘Stilinski 24’ jumper – we are immediately informed that the show has been picked up by MTV for another season. Way to go, even if right now I’ll just focus on hoping that season 5 manages to put together the lost threads of season 4. Jeff Davis says that as long as people are watching the show, they’ll keep on making it – and that’s fine and perfect and great, but please, make it quality. Or maybe people won’t be watching it anymore. Promise me, Jeff?

Thank the fandom gods for the cast of this show, though. Dylan O’Brien – aka THE bae – and Tyler Posey – aka the alpha bae – immediately steer the conversation on their bromance. Dylan could talk “forever” about Tyler and they both confirmed that they feel like the same person. And to top all of that off, the classic “we’re just like brothers” quote and one big man hug. Excuse me while I fangirl and die surrounded by rainbows.

The mic then gets to Cody Christian, the new entry of the season Theo, and he tells us how it was to join a cast that’s so close to one another. “Was it hard to join when everyone has probably seen each other naked, since they’re all so established?”, “I actually just showed up to the set naked”, he says, and then adds that it feels just like a family. Well, aren’t you a cutie – I’m still holding my judgement on your character though, man, you know. Never too careful when it comes to Beacon Hills.

Shelley Henning gets right on the “family” train, and everyone marvels at Dylan Sprayberry because hello, my classmates didn’t look like that when they were sixteen. Did you sign a pact with a Supernatural crossroads demon or what? How dare you?

After some more shaenenigans – apparently Tyler promised to flash the audience and whoa there, we’re not against that – it’s time for fan questions. I’m sure that by now you’ve all seen gifs of Holland Roden misunderstanding a question about her favorite “art” – supposed to be “arc” – and talking for a good minute before Dylan corrects her. I just can’t with those two. I mean, I can’t with all the cast, but Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden are just illegal and should be locked up somewhere. I volunteer my closet for the task. And Shelley agrees with me, since she comments, “You’re so pretty” at Holland. Girl, I know you feel me.

And then, the first bomb is dropped. Tyler says that Scott is actually struggling with being an alpha, and the knowledge that his pack is kind of falling apart around him. “He’s kind of lost, and it’s something we haven’t really dealt with before”, he says, and if the audience seems to like that – character development is always welcomed with open arms – what Jeff Davis announces next has everyone down on the war path. Something will happen around episode 5 of this season that will cause a rift between Stiles and Scott. You know what, Jeff? No. Just no.

Some more fan questions include ‘which character would the cast like to play, if not their own?’ Dylan goes for Scott, Tyler goes for Derek – pang of nostalgia right there -, Shelley picks Peter, Holland would like to step into the Coach’s shoes, Dylan Sprayberry goes for Sheriff Stilinski, and Cody says Scott. Go big or go home, right?
Someone then asks to Shelley and Holland if “they feel responsibility to inspire young girls and show them women can be smart and strong”. Shelley agrees, saying that she loves having a strong character to play, while Holland explains how she hadn’t realized until she was a teenager how much women behavior can be influenced by men, and how she feels like a big sister to the fans that approach her. Stop making me love you, rossa, just stop.

Then, the moment. A fan asks when we’re going to see Derek again, and suddenly everyone decides to call Tyler Hoechlin on the spot. Posey takes out his phone and I might be with one foot in my grave, please send help. Hoechlin actually calls back after missing the first call, saying to the crowd, “How’s it going in San Diego?”, all while Dylan does his best to kill me. The call ends pretty quickly since Hoechlin is abroad and time zones suck – you tell me, man? -, and then everyone discuss the whole characters getting killed off or not returning to the show. Holland explains that it’s not up to the showrunner, and Jeff agrees that if it was for him he’d have everyone all the time. I might raise my eyebrows at that, but we’ll let it pass and move on.

Another question is for Dylan – what supernatural creature would he like to be, had he the chance? I’d say the pack emissary, but he goes for the Abominable Snowman, or actually the Abominable Mets fan, and he proceeds to shout at a rival fan in the audience. Now this just feel like every Sunday lunch in my Italian home when the discussion lands on soccer teams. Dylan, want to come here and have some pasta? You’d fight right in with all the men of my family.

And then, the final question – and probably my favorite. What would the characters’ senior quotes be? Cody says, “Something that would suck up to Scott”, while Baby Dylan – I’ve decided that Sprayberry will be known like this from this day to all days to come – picks a Slipknot reference, “Give me a scream Corey”. I’ve loved Holland’s “Not all monsters do monstrous things”, referring to both Lydia’s boyfriend history and her whole journey from season one to season five. Dylan obviously lands on his ride with a “Get your hands off my jeep”, Shelley deadpans a “I love deer” and Tyler hits us all right in the feels with “The pack is my anchor”. Jeff would pick one of my favorite lines of the whole show, “Be your own anchor”, but mister, that doesn’t make me like you more. Sorry.

With that, it’s a wrap on the Teen Wolf panel! Thank you for reading this piece, and stay tuned on The Daily Fandom for more recaps and news live from San Diego. And of course, we’ll see each other soon with reviews of the first episodes of Teen Wolf season five. Keep on howling.


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