In ‘Relics’ the pack tries to protect their schoolmates from the Ghost Rides, while Lydia does not want to give up on Stiles and is looking for more clues.


In ‘Relics’, it comes to a big confrontation with Ghost Riders. After last week’s episode, all people at the party were marked by the Ghost Riders. Throughout the episode, the pack tries to protect this group, although not everything goes as planned. There is confrontation between the Ghost Riders and the pack during the lacrosse game. Furthermore, Chris Argent and Malia fail in protecting the group that had been marked because the lacrosse player breaks the seal that could have hindered the Ghost Riders from entering. As a result, nearly everyone who had been marked gets taken. Liam is devastated that they have failed, and claims he wants to find the Ghost Riders. However, his friends stop him and say that they will face them together.

While the others are trying to stop the Ghost Riders, Lydia has not given up hope on Stiles. She is convinced that all the erased people left behind something like the library card or the bracelet. She calls them “relics” because they are objects that remind them of something that is no longer there. Lydia spends the whole episode trying to find Stiles’ relic. Because she is not successful at first, Scott and Malia are starting to doubt her. One of the places she is looking in is the Stilinski home. She has found something by using her banshee powers, but Claudia Stilinksi is harshly stopping her from tearing the wallpaper. It’s odd because it seemed like she and Sheriff Stilinksi wanted to help Lydia and the pack. Later on, Lydia and her mother are asking Melissa to look up Claudia on the Hospital database to see if they can find a clue about Stiles. Although the database says Claudia never had children, they find something else: Melissa remarks that Claudia seems to suffer from frontal lobe dementia, and it is impossible to recover from that illness. The question is now what is the mystery behind that, and whether it’s connected to Stiles. At the of the episode, it shows Stiles’ Jeep still standing in the school parking lot, which might hint that the Jeep is the relic Stiles left behind. Another interesting reveal in ‘Relics’ is that Mr. Douglass is a supernatural creature that eats the part of people‚Äôs brain where there soul is supposed to be.