In ‘Radio Silence’, Stiles teams up with an unexpected ally to find a way back home. Meanwhile, Scott, Lydia and Malia are still looking for clues of Stiles existence.


The majority of ‘Radio Silence’ mostly revolves around Stiles’s situation. Stiles is as always questioning what is happening around him and so he gets a bit suspicious of all the people waiting for the train, but nothing really happens. He tries talking to the other people who seem to be waiting, but that does not bring him any answers, only more questions. The Ghost Riders come in with a new victim, although it appears that no one but Stiles himself seems to notice them.

Stiles meets Peter Hale, and they become allies since both of them want to get out of that place. They try to come up with an escape route, and that’s when they notice a boy watching them. The boy tells them that he thinks the only way out is the way the Ghost Riders come and go through… which proves to be deadly. Stiles is distraught and starts to think about new ways, when there is announcement that gives him the idea to try it over the Intercom. The first attempt fails because they were interrupted by the Ghost Riders. Peter wants to attempt to escape the same way the boy did, but he thinks he has better chance because he is a werewolf. Peter succeeds and lands in the woods by Beacon Hills, although his body is badly burned and it’s not sure whether he’s going to survive. Scott and Malia find Peter, and remember him. Peter took something with him when he left the train station and signals Malia to take a look at it. It turns out he took Stiles’ car keys with him which brings Scott, Malia and Lydia some new information. At the end of the episode, Lydia and Scott get into the Jeep and there is a noise coming from the radio and then they hear a voice. The voice belongs to Stiles, which means he has found a way to contact them through the intercom system. Since they don’t have enough time, he tells them to look for Canaan before the connection breaks off.

Therefore, ‘Radio Silence’ offers some hope: they do not only have proof of Stiles’ existence, but they’re also one step closer to finding him. Focusing on Stiles and giving time to develop his storyline in ‘Radio Silence’ was also a good choice. It seems like Teen Wolf has learned from the previous season and is finally regaining some of its magic.