Check out the greatest video game highlights from the month of October from TDF Gaming!

A New Story Unfolds, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location
The indie game phenomenon has returned and…wait, we’re shocking the animatronics now?!?! Nope, nope, I’m out, you guys are crazy, this is stupid…

Make It Stop, The House Abandon
October was all about the spooks, and this text-based game delivered them in spades.

Confectionary TurdProject MALLOW (Demo)
My friends at Aggressive Combustion Studios gave me a sneak peek at their upcoming addictive game, and boy, did the marshmallows fly!!!

Spooky Murder MysterySally Face – Episode One
This point-and-click story has some of the spookiness of ‘Fran Bow,’ and all of the intrigue of a Sherlock Holmes tale.

Sweet Ghosty Ass Bucket List
Yes, I help a ghost find his porn collection. I REGRET NOTHING.

Grippa, Doge, and TendersZiminiar #1
On the less scary side of things, I set out on an adventure to discover myself and the land around me, alongside some fun animal companions!

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