Check out the greatest video game highlights from the month of November from TDF Gaming!

YouTube-Ception!, Retro YouTube Simulator
With Retro YouTube Simulator, you’re watching my video of me watching other people’s videos! Okay, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but the idea really is neat, I swear.

Fred the Pink Monster, Launch Turkey
Celebrating Thanksgiving, I…use missiles to launch turkeys into a pink dude’s mouth. Just like our forefathers did, of course.

DinoBat90-Second Portraits
I may not be able to paint the prettiest portrait in one and a half minutes, but I can discover superheroes the world is desperately lacking!

What Was That Game Called?Old Man’s Sky
So this is the fan game I play in which I can’t remember the name of the game of which it’s parodying. Yeah, that happened.

Photo-Ception!The Polaroid
In another Inception-like experience, I rearrange a room to recreate old memories of…previous room arrangements!

There is No EscapeInfinite Monkey Autocorrect
Monkeys on typewriters creating disjointed stories and brilliant novel creations — everything you need for a hilariously good time!

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