TDF Gaming Highlights — June 2016

Check out the greatest video game highlights from the month of June from TDF Gaming!

Curse You, Silence!, Fight Nights at Torchwood
I temporarily dove back into the Five Nights at Freddy’s game mechanics with a trip of Torchwood! This time, though, it was Cybermen, Daleks, and Vashta Nerada out to get me, but the most pain-in-my-side enemy were the ever-anxious Silence, who had no issues spooking me several times.

Commedia dell’Arte: Masks, Masters and Servants, S-GAMR Side Quests
I kicked off an extension of the S-GAMR series, ‘Side Quests,’ which highlights student games from around the world! The first was an awesome point-and-click game centered around the art of theatre comedy and performance! Slinging the background people around really an extra nugget of fun. 😉

Rainbow PeopleKona, Part 1
I braved the cold for a trip to a seemingly abandoned town in the early-access mystery Kona, and happened upon things like burning arrows, locked safes, and people ice statues that glow different colors. You know, the usual.

A Whole New ExperienceUndertale 3D
I returned to the world of Undertale, but something was a bit different…EVERYTHING’S IN 3D! Experience the first few defining moments of Frisk’s life in the underground (and some other things I won’t spoil) in this fan-made demo!

The Hunt for the ValvesA Demon’s Game
This spooky game demo had me hunting for valves in the dark and creep-filled sewers, all the while uncovering a truly chilling tale of the lives there before him. An environmentally-based horror, A Demon’s Game is one game of which I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more.

Horror Turns Heart-BreakingForgotten
Forgotten is a totally different kind of horror games, focusing on a truly heart-breaking story hidden amongst the eerie visuals. Reminiscent of Layers of Fear, this demo show video game storytelling at some of its finest.

Me Vs. The WildThe Wild Eight
I don’t do well in cold. Especially when wolves eat me. That’s information I pretty much assumed about myself already, but now I know it to be true thanks to The Wild Eight.

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