TDF Gaming Highlights — February 2016


Check out the greatest video game highlights from the month of February from TDF Gaming!

Bingo, Bango, Bongo & Irving Slime Rancher
T.C. delves into the early access PC game “Slime Rancher” with the enthusiasm of an easily entertained child and ended up with a bunch of rebellious slimes having inappropriate relations with each other and an alternate-universe “Bachelor” series with the chickens and roosters in her coop. And then everything went to hell.

Animation Principles 101Undertale (Pacifist) w/ Bumblure, Part 7
After a brief stint traversing the world of “Undertale” on her own due to some technical difficulties (but having Greater Dog for some humor relief), T.C. rejoined collaborator Bumblure from affiliate gaming channel Rogues & Roleplayers ( to come face to face with Undyne and a battle dummy, all the while waxing poetically about the history and evolution of animation because we’re complete geeks.

Darina…You’ve ChangedLeviathan: The Last Day of the Decade, Part 12
Continuing her journey through the gorgeous visual novel of “Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade,” T.C.’s adventures as Oliver began coming to a climax when pesky Bureau reporter Julia aided Oliver in stepdad Julian’s prison break, reuniting us with our ragtag pals Darina and Quinsea, the former of whom is now suddenly bald and possesses a wicked psychic ability. But can Oliver survive confronting the Shadow that now lingers within him so he and his friends can break free from the town of Kroistham?

What is This Game Even?!!?Pom Gets Wi-Fi
It’s about a Pomeranian dog that dies in a house fire and now seeks a Wi-Fi signal in heaven so she can continue trolling her social media accounts. That is literally what this game is about. Who thinks of these things?!!?

Godzilla SpidersOvercast: Walden and the Werewolf, Part 2 (Finale)
In the finale of T.C.’s playthrough of indie horror game “Overcast: Walden and the Werewolf,” there were many gigantic spiders and even more questions about the actual story of the game. Though it had redeeming qualities in the gameplay, the story starring a reclusive town dweller with a slow-reload rifle and a talking werewolf seemed unfinished and…well…just plain weird.

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