TDF Gaming Highlights — December 2016

Check out the greatest video game highlights from the month of December from TDF Gaming!

The Search For Self, The Lion’s Song — Episode 2
The second installment of the beautiful tales of Mipumi’s “The Lion’s Song” arrived, and boy, what a journey it is.

More Questions Than Answers, Penumbra: Overture #13
With a tiny bit of help from a few videos, T.C. finally reached the end of “Penumbra: Overture,” but it wasn’t at all what she expected…

12 Days of Fandom

Twisted Metal 2 #1
Frequent collaborator (now fiancé) Bumblure from our family channel Rogues and Roleplayers joined T.C. on the couch to experience a game from both of their childhoods again…and they kinda suck at it. Fun times all around!

Fandom Gingerbread!
That’s right — T.C. turned a gingerbread house into a fandom creation! Or at least tried. (It collapsed after, like, an hour.)

Uebernatural (Supernatural Fan Game)
Oh, yes, T.C.’s long hunt for a Supernatural fan game finally ended over the holidays! It’s a shame Sam kept dying though. It’s nothing he isn’t already used to, though.


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