Check out the greatest video game highlights from the month of August from TDF Gaming!

The Daughter’s Story, Layers of Fear: Inheritance #1
After finally completing the full Layers of Fear game, I began diving into the game’s newly-released DLC, told from the perspective of the family’s daughter. And boy, does it tell a tale!

YouTuber Jousting, Paper Knight: PewDieFight
I take on popular YouTuber PewDiePie in this awesome fan game at which I completely and utterly fail multiple times. But it’s too cute not to love anyway!

Butterfly EffectIn Memory of the Eternity
From the same developer of definitely strange game Hair in the Wall is this beautifully constructed tale of exploring the butterfly effect on a strange universe not unlike our own. Existential contemplation, commence!

Me and My RPGProject Scarf (Demo)
I think the lesson here is that even with a frickin’ rocket launcher, I am fairly useless. I sure enjoyed trying, though.

Shovel ManRogues Like Us
I tried to succeed at this 3D hack ’n slash, but alas, to no avail. ENTER SHOVEL MAN, who…also fails.

Storytelling TwistMoirai
Moirai puts an interesting twist on traditional storytelling mechanics — don’t be fooled by its pixeled and simplistic exterior. See it for yourself.

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