Check out the greatest video game highlights from the month of April from TDF Gaming!

Hunting for the NewsInvestigative Journalism (Nightvale Fan Game)
I set forth trying to conquer the vicious, blade-slinging obstacle courses to aid zombie Ed in his quest to save his pal Ben, but ended up frustrated and foul-mouthed, and became the accidental murderer of several chickens.

Farthos, Destroyer of the UniverseWill You Press the Button?, Part 1
In this fun online venture into crazy decision-making, I happen upon the best question I’ve ever seen…and spawn a giant super villain the biggest comic book companies would be jealous of — Farthos, who can destroy the universe with one fart!

Valley GirlsUndertale, Part 13
Undertale is a beautiful series, with so many great characters and developments…but this is by far the best moment in the series, hands down. I will never forget the day Bumblure and I became certified Valley Girls.


enie Lamps & KiwisKiwi 64
I don’t care who you are, this game is 16 kinds of adorable, even if the belching boss doesn’t shut up that much. In what other game will you find an adorable kiwi bird battling evil bananas and destroying the huts of a tree that’s rocking a mustache of which Tom Selleck would be envious?

Doctors & MonstersMinecraft Doctor Who: The Invasion of Minecraftia (Demo)
A game that takes advantage of the timey-wimeyness of the awesome BBC sci-fi, Minecraft Doctor Who: The Invasion of Minecraftia, combines with two great adventures into one interesting and vast world full of treasures and monsters! It’s only a demo now, but the developing adventures of the 24th and 22nd Doctors sure look bright!

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