It’s that time of the year! 2016 is nearing its end, and just like we did last year, we are running the annual TDF Awards. The TDF 2016 Awards are bigger this time, as we have put more focus on the fandom-side of the things we love. Want to have your saying on the best things to come out in 2016? Keep reading!

How does it work?

Every person is only allowed to vote once per day. You’re obviously free to share the polls with your fandom fellas to get the most support for your favorites. You can vote up to 3 different choices in each category. Needless to say, spamming, bots or using any illegitimate ways to get more votes is absolutely forbidden. Also, no need to spread hate or make campaigns against your NOTP in order to support your ship. We don’t like those people. Don’t be one of those people!

When? Voting opens TODAY and will end on December 20th at 11:59PM (CET). The final results will be published on December 27th on our Youtube channel. The videos will also be shared here, as well as on our social media and weekly newsletter. There will be one video per category, and each video will include the Top 10 most voted.

What are the categories?

Just like last year, there’s one for Best New TV Show, Best New Anime and Best Movie. Western animated series and cartoons will be counted as ‘Best New TV Show’. ‘Best Movie’ can include live-action, animation, and anime. There are some TV shows and movies that haven’t been released yet, but you can still vote for them based on expectations or first impressions from first episodes (we have not included anything being released AFTER the 20th). While TV shows all have to be new from this year, we are including second seasons of anime. Anime with third seasons and up will not be included as they will be treated as long-running series (Gundam, Haikyuu!!, JoJo’s…).

This year we have added two new categories: Best Fandom and Best Ship. Nominees for ‘Best Fandom’ have been chosen from new shows, anime and movies that have created the biggest, most dedicated fan bases. We are also including popular video games, but we won’t be including Youtubers, actors, or real life people in general. Best Ship nominees are chosen from new ships from new shows, movies and anime, but also from ships becoming canon or ships that have seen a lot of development in their relationship this year.