Fairy Tales

You remember those stories? A long time ago, when TDF first started princes and princesses were waiting to sign up. They would yell, “hear ye, hear ye, pick me!” Okay, okay, maybe not like that… but, you are going to like where I am going with this.

Taley Time is bringing fairy tales to YouTube; and, yes, you heard that right. They are not just bringing fairy tales to YouTube… Oh no, there is always going to be some skepticism involved — a modern take on some traditional fairy tales.

Taley Time is hosted by Charles Scrivens (played by R. Max Gibson) and what is excitingly fun about this series is the host adds their own commentary to the stories; often questioning their decisions as well as his own. Making fun commentary, asking questions, and maybe even teaching the watcher something new about an old tale they heard once upon a time…

This series will run each week once it gets started; you get all of this fairy tale goodness, each week! The stories range from fun to cynical to dark to even morbid (some fairy tales were not as sweet as Cinderella), but that is what makes them fun.

The comedic aspect is what brings light to a once morbid or cynical tale. The stories may be traditional, but the way they are looked upon is not. They are looked upon in a modern light. Would Cinderella be an accurate portrayal of a fairy tale nowadays? Exactly. You have come to the right place to get your fairy tale fix.

Taley Time is bringing fairy tales to the modern world, and we are more than excited for it. The first episode is out Thursday, August 10th at 5PM EDT — if you would like to check out Taley Time or want to know more about future releases check out Taley Time‘s Twitter and Facebook and stay updated!