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Blood Force Trauma
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With a mere three days left (starting June 1st), Blood Force Trauma is having its last legs of its Kickstarter Campaign. With a goal of 10,000 dollars, so far it has 5,525 dollars pledged. Not only does the artwork look outstanding, but the synopsis of the graphic novel is exciting. When the hacker and video game enthusiast Zap Daniels is unwillingly drafted onto Edge City’s most popular fighting show, Blood Force Trauma, he must rise to the challenge and learn to fight.

Blood Force Trauma
Blood Force Trauma, Kickstarter @ Jake Smith & Hiram Corbett

Either that or be brutally killed by the best warriors in all the known universe. What makes this comic something truly marvelous is that it is set in an 80-esque neon cyberpunk world. The characters match the setting, too. This comic is a love letter to any fan who loves wrestling and anime. Do you remember Street Fighter, Tekken, Mega Man, DragonBall, Bladerunner, and the love of nostalgia? The graphic novel is going to be 70 pages long. Plus, every 1000 they make past their goal, they add 10 more pages. They have some rad rewards for backers, so back this comic while you can. You don’t want to miss out on the 80s neon goodness. The comic is created by Jake Smith and Hiram Corbett under Dead Gremlin Comix.

We Are Pumped For Blood Force Trauma

You can check out a few pages from the graphic novel below and on Kickstarter. You can get a glimpse into the characters and the portfolio of what the graphic novel will entail. Plus, Jake and Hiram give us a great glimpse into the overall scope of the comic, where the proceeds are going, and what cool content you can get with each reward.

What are you waiting for? Go support the rad future graphic novel, Blood Force Trauma.