Supernatural ‘We Happy Few’ Review: Family Therapy

We Happy Few

For an episode that was supposed to set everything up for the big season finale, Supernatural‘s ‘We Happy Few’ was a pretty good episode… until it was not.


Managing comedy and drama is one of the hardest things to do when writing a story. Supernatural has managed to do so in plenty of occasions (‘Mystery Spot’ is a great example), but ‘We Happy Few’ was not one of them. Last week’s ‘All in the Family’ already provided plenty comedic moments from the characters’ self-awareness of how crazy it was to have people like God, Lucifer or a scribe under one same roof so, while the Biblical drama taking place in the Bunker in ‘We Happy Few’ was still ridiculous, the time for comedy was gone.

It’s no secret that God hasn’t been the best father ever, so some family therapy was long overdue between him and one of his children. In this case it was Lucifer, which was an excellent opportunity to provide some insight into the Archangel’s real emotions, not to mention that the fact that Castiel was also there made the conversation even more relevant. Sadly, this exchange left a lot to be desired as I was actually hoping the show would take a similar approach to the emotional conversation we saw between God and Metatron in ‘Don’t Call Me Shurley’. Sam and Dean’s role as mediators and commentators was not needed, but even when God kicked them out of the room, their conversation still felt quite lackluster.

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I could look past through the jarring tone shifts, but the pacing issues didn’t make the episode any better. ‘We Happy Few’ did include a quite interesting montage featuring Sam, Dean and Lucifer asking Rowena, Crowley and the angels for help and basically gathering allies. It’s something the show has never done before and it certainly helped create that preparation-for-battle atmosphere to set up the season finale. However, for some reason the show decided to include a sudden mini-season finale in the last minutes of the episode by having Rowena (who still struggles to come out as intimidating) appear in the scene.

From that point on, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. God’s plan included attacking Amara with demon souls, which proved to be pretty useless. Strangely enough, Amara herself was willing to make the sacrifice and die, but God couldn’t have that because she’s a natural necessary evil (light/darkness balance and all that). Him trying to take the mark off her enrages Amara to the point that she causes Lucifer’s death (I guess?) and leaves God in the process of “dying”, as she wants him to see his world turn to ash before he perishes. This sudden fast-paced action sequence, which featured a few questionable camera shots by the way, does not only leave the viewer confused as to what’s next, but also nullifies all the previous build up the episode had been working towards to. It’s too early to judge the entirety of this episode until we don’t see its final outcome next week but, for now, ‘We Happy Few’ feels like a step-back from what had been a pretty good streak for the show.

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