Supernatural ‘Thin Lizzie’ Review: Soulless People Going Dark


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Judging by the promo, ‘Thin Lizzie’ promised to take Supernatural back to the classic monster-of-the-week formula. However, this season’s main plot is so important that the episode ended up being more about Amara than about Lizzie Borden. And I’m not complaining, at all.

Just like in last week’s ‘Baby‘, this episode gave me the feeling that we were back to the first seasons of Supernatural: ghosts, American lore, Sam being a nerd… This week we tackle the mysterious axe murders committed by Lizzie Borden. However, as scary as the first scenes in the Bed&Breakfast/museum were with the creepy music and the EMF going off, the fun was soon over as the episode quickly turned into something else: Amara and her influence on people after eating their souls.

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“You don’t have a soul. Amara sucked it out”

It all starts when we are introduced to Len, a dorky ghost photographer (I wonder if he knows about the Ghostfacers). They discover that Len had met Amara, which makes Dean learn that Amara is growing up really fast. We also find out that people are having different reactions to Amara: while Len was scared and confused, the babysitter seemed to have fallen in love with her new-found “goddess”. If Amara and the Darkness weren’t enough (although I wonder if the Darkness-infected people was just something caused by the smoke that we won’t be seeing again), we also have now the added problem of Amara leaving a big trail of soulless people behind. And we know from Sam’s experience how troublesome that can be. All this talk about people going dark and becoming psychopaths reminds me of that talk Crowley and Amara had about whether it would be good or not to have a world that only contained evil. Crowley didn’t seem to be very happy about that idea (perhaps because being the King of Hell wouldn’t be that relevant in a world of evilness), which is why I can see him fighting Amara’s Darkness down the road as well.

Castiel didn’t join the Winchesters this time either. It was a bit laughable that they said he was binge-watching The Wire when we clearly knew Misha Collins wasn’t there, but I’d take Netflix over some vague Heaven drama any day. Thankfully, it appears that he will be back next week.

Overall, ‘Thin Lizzie’ wasn’t as scary as it could have been, but the show made up for it by adding the adorkable Len and revealing some new information on what Amara is doing and how it’s starting to change people. It seems that this season is going to be very heavy with the main plot and I couldn’t be happier about that. Yes, it was fun to have the Winchesters working on a classic, random ghost case in the beginning, but right now there’s just too much on their plate and I’m glad that the writers are constantly reminding us that Amara is there, and that “the Darkness is coming”.


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