Hello all!! 

Robbie Thompson continues to deliver amazing episodes and wields his pen (ok keyboard) deftly especially when it comes to female characters. I actually just watched the very first episode we saw Charlie in season 7 and it’s great to see how well they’ve developed her over the years.

In the vein of Supernatural this was their yearly parallel episode where whatever is happening with the guest character is the same thing that is going on with the boys and usually the parallel hints at a solution of some sort for the Winchester’s issue. We had some serious firsts in this episodes, Dean actually being honest to Sam about how bad off he is and trying to live a much cleaner life.

Robbie managed to set us up with a nice link to Cain as well since when we meet Cain he is peacefully keeping bees and living as clean of a life as he can. We start this episode out with Dean trying the same thing, making egg white omelettes and telling us he hasn’t had a drink in a week.  I love how they’ve established Dean as a good cook even though he hated the omelettes, any time he has cooked for Sam he always says it’s amazing .

Robbie worked in so many dialogue-less shots of Dean struggling with staying sober, eating better and even listening to books on tape. I wonder how the hell he got those anyway? Thrift store shopping? 🙂 The sign of a great director, writer and actor all working together is when a 10-15 second scene with no lines rivets you to the screen and this episode was filled with them.

There is a lot to love about this episode, not the least of which is Felicia Day’s performance as both Dark and Light Charlie and the fact that Dark Charlie stole Baby. Ahh reminds me of Bela, I miss her. It’s pretty obvious that Felicia relished a chance to dig deep into her acting tool kit and she pulled out a great performance. It hurt to see the strain between her and Dean at the end, they both have monsters inside of them now and how awkward and nervous she was to go talk to him was a complete reversal of the last time we saw them together. Charlie’s words, “You’re a Winchester,” and Dean scoffing at that comment put into sharp focus just how little hope Dean is holding onto. The family name and the legacy of that has always been a rock he’s clung to in the past and now seems to be just an empty word to him after what all he’s done the last two years. What seemed to rally him more was Charlie’s direct challenge that if he was truly sorry for what he’d done to Dark Charlie therefore her, that he needs to prove it. That’s when we saw a hint of determination come back and I think that’s when he made the final choice to start being honest with Sam.

When he realized that even though he knew that beating the hell out of Dark Charlie was hurting Charlie he still kept going until Sam stopped him with Charlie is his arms brought home truly how easily the Mark can control him. Admittedly he didn’t shoot or stab her but he didn’t need to keep hitting her after he’d broken her arm and she was on the ground unconscious. He knew if it hadn’t been for Sam he would have just pounded her into the ground. Then seeing her bruised and broken while still forgiving him and straight up telling him that he needs to deal with the inner monster no matter what brought everything to a head. When the episode ends and the brothers are on the exact same page, a team again, it is a huge turning point in the story arc that Carver has been building since season 8. Now, the main thing I hope is that this is pretty much the end of the secrets between them for at least the rest of this season. I have faith that Carver got them to this point for a reason and isn’t going to let them backslide.

As far as the acting, I think my favorite part was not Jensen or Felicia related it was Jared when they are talking to the judge at the very beginning and Dean gets aggressive. Sam’s reactions as he’s watching his brother act so out of character yet still in control were amazing. Go back and watch that scene again, there is so much going on with Sam during those moments. He wants to stop Dean but the guy is talking and they need the information, he’s concerned but knows that Dean has to go through this to try to learn control and it’s killing Sam inside to see it but there’s really no other choice. Top notch acting going on and it’s all subtle and in the background.

Since I watch on Amazon I didn’t see what next episode is about , doesn’t matter, still looking forward to it. I will be watching and reviewing Flash later today.

Happy Wed All!