Supernatural ‘The Bad Seed’ Review: Amara is a Time Bomb, and the Clock is Ticking Fast


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

As the third episodes of Supernatural usually do, ‘The Bad Seed’ closed the premiere of Season 11 by resolving the remaining open threads that we had from last season’s finale. This week we focus on Rowena, Castiel’s curse and Amara’s growth under Crowley’s vigilance.

Aside from adding the comedic touch with her idea of creating a ‘mega’ coven, Rowena found out that her son is alive. And we still need an answer as to how that happened. She also tried to cause some Winchester drama by revealing that Sam made a deal with her to save Dean from the Mark of Cain in exchange for killing Crowley. This was a remaining secret from last season that had to come back at some point, and I’m glad that it did sooner than later in some sort of seasonal climax that would lead to another argument. As a matter of fact, Dean wasn’t too upset about it and they quickly moved on. However, he still doesn’t know that Sam nearly died from the Darkness last week…

Perhaps this episode’s major advancement was that Castiel’s curse got resolved after the boys threatened Rowena to cure him. However, I find it strange that we never really got to know what that curse really did to him, or what could have become of him if he hadn’t been cured. I still don’t understand why Rowena couldn’t have killed both Castiel and Crowley with the same spell that she used to kill those witches in this episode, for example. I guess she wanted to keep Castiel in a situation that would make her have some kind of advantage when making deals with the Winchesters, although it really didn’t work this time. She managed to escape, but the boys at least got to keep the codex.

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Destiel shippers should be happy. So much touching in this episode!

Despite the majority of the episode being focused on Team Free Will and Rowena, I feel like Crowley and Amara’s was the most relevant part in the long run. Some of the conversations that Amara and Crowley shared had the potential to be very interesting, and I’m sad that they didn’t get to deepen in the subject of whether a universe ruled by evil would be good or boring. As a matter of fact, the dialogue was pretty weak in this episode. Remember Death’s talk to Dean over pizza in Season 5? Despite everything that is being said, I still fail to see the real threat of the Darkness, which is why I think that it would help to add that otherworldly aura to Amara and her words. To me, she seemed like a lighter version of Lilith. I have to say, though, that the way in which she feeds off souls is very interesting and could add some new dynamics to this season. With her growing speed, I’m sure that she will also keep becoming stronger and smarter. Considering that she could already be a threat after aging up to a teen, I wonder how they’re going to keep her character away from the less relevant monster-of-the-week episodes. Can Sam and Dean really work regular hunts while she’s out there? And whatever happened to those Darkness-infected people?

The only element that we saw from Heaven this time was when that angel met up with a demon in a bar to talk about current affairs in the world. As random as that scene seemed (I thought they took too much screentime without revealing anything new in a key episode), it’s also interesting that they are showing beings from opposed factions having a casual conversation. Perhaps we will get more of that ‘interspecies relationships’ theme this season. Besides that, we also got some mentions of Metatron, who is MIA, as usual.

We are going back to monster-of-the-week for next episode and it look like we are going to be dealing with werewolves. Werewolves might not seem very exciting at this point, but it’s still going to be refreshing to see both brothers healthy, curse-free and just being together and making jokes, like in good old times.


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