Supernatural Season 11

Supernatural Season 11 Preview: Speculation and Expectations

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Carry on my wayward son… HELLATUS IS OVER! Supernatural Season 11 is finally here!

That’s right. Supernatural is coming back to our screens with its eleventh season. Tonight’s season premiere, ‘Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire’, promises to be one bloody hell of a ride. In this piece, we are going to take a look at the most important news we got over the summer, as well as adding our own thoughts and expectations based on the promos we have gotten so far. (If you’re one of those viewers who doesn’t even watch the promos because of spoilers, then you should definitely stop reading this!)


Supernatural Season 11 - The Daily Fandom

Judging by this promo, the Darkness is going to take the shape of (or possess) humans with strange black marks on their necks. The first thing that I thought about when I saw this was the Leviathans from Season 7 (which were a big disappointment). Unlike the Leviathans though, these Darkness creatures seem to be taken down by just shooting them, although whether that officer was using some sort of special bullets is unknown.

The most important thing about the Darkness that we should be noticing is that it’s entirely made up. For the first time in Supernatural history, the writers are not basing themselves in urban legends or the Bible. Sam and Dean are not the only ones confused about the situation: nor the angels, nor the demons know what the Darkness is either, which adds to the feeling of mystery. Just like our characters, the writers didn’t have any sources to work with this time, which will also give them more freedom to create something new that isn’t too conflicting with other lore.

Going back to the Leviathans from Season 7, one of the main reasons why that season was a failure to many is that the Leviathans weren’t that scary because they were sort of forgotten during regular monster-of-the-week episode. That ‘end of the world’ feeling that the show achieved during seasons 4 and 5 with the Apocalypse was gone. In an interview with ClevverNews during Comic-Con, Andrew Dabb said that “this season it’s all big, Armageddon-level stuff (…) it’s very biblical”. Will they be able to recreate that epic-end of the world feeling from the end of the Kripke era?


Supernatural Season 11 - The Daily Fandom

The creative team has promised that, this time, Sam and Dean are finally on the same page (although I don’t know whether I should buy it at this point). They say that the Winchester brothers are no longer fighting or hiding secrets from each another. With the Mark of Cain gone, this time there will be no strange external influences that will alter their relationship. Hallelujah. I love Supernatural the most when it’s the brothers being brothers and facing evil. Some arguing every now and then is good for the sake of drama, but it had gotten to a point where it was 95% drama, 5% working together.

Another thing that would be super awesome to see is the inclusion of Castiel. No one can deny the importance that Castiel has had in the story. I still struggle to understand why TBTP insist on separating him from the Winchesters. Yes, the show started off being about the two brothers, but adding a new character to the main cast is something that has been done many times in many different shows and, therefore, something that Supernatural shouldn’t be afraid to do, especially considering how loved Castiel/Misha Collins is by the fandom (and by the media). Team Free Will started during the Apocalypse, can we have it back for Season 11? That means no more “Meanwhile, Castiel…”, please.

supernatural season 11 - the daily fandom

Other characters that we’ll be paying attention to are Crowley and Rowena. Crowley is supposedly dead, and that’s what Mark Sheppard kept repeating all summer. However, we did see him in a few promos sipping on a cup of tea and commenting on the ridiculous ‘The Darkness’ name. As per Rowena, she seems to be really scared of the Darkness herself, which makes me wonder: will all these parties work together against the Darkness? We have already seen the Winchesters collaborating with both demons and angels against the Apocalypse, but will the boys be able to trust Rowena?

There’s also a new recurring character, Amara (Emily Swallow), “a femme fatale who is both seductive and sinister”. I am sure there will be many more characters to come this season. After all, with the shows obsession with killing off people, we are running our of characters, which certainly takes away from the excitement of fighting such an epic big bad! As irreplaceable as they are, we need more Bobbys, and Jos, and Kevins and Charlies!

At the end of the day, the thing that will decide whether this season is as good as it promises to be is a mix between the execution of the Darkness storyline as a scary unknown entity and the development and relationships of the main players.