‘Supernatural’ Season 10 Finale Survival Kit


Carry on my wayward soooon… ♫

It’s that time of the year again! The season finale of Supernatural is nearly here and all our feelings are gonna be crushed with no remorse whatsoever. You know that and we know that, that’s why we’ve prepared a special ‘Brother’s Keeper’ Survival Kit for you. It’s not gonna ease the pain, but at least you’ll be prepared for it!

1. Tissues

Chances are you’re gonna cry tomorrow. Seriously, has there ever been a happy ending for any Supernatural season? Right, there hasn’t. So you better be ready for that. Also, grab some pillows to hold tight during the most tense and emotional scenes.

2. Snacks

Many sites will tell you that they don’t recommend eating while watching TV but hey, it’s a season finale and it’s a special occasion. Popcorn and soda is a classic for me when watching SPN season finales. You can grab everything you want from your favourite snack to some alcohol (if you’re old enough to drink in your country, of course!).

3. A comfortable spot

I personally always lay on my bed and turn the lights off for the season finales. Again, it’s a special occasion so it’s nice to do something different when watching this episode. Just find the best time and place so you’ll be able to concentrate on the screen 100% and no one will bother you. Of course this depends on whether you’re gonna be watching live or streaming later.

4. Supernatural merch


If you own any Supernatural merch it’s nice to surround you with it to feel more… supernaturalish. Bring your Castiel plush with you or wear your Winchester shirt for the day to show the world that you’re celebrating today! Don’t own any merch? Don’t worry, just wear plaid!

5. Good company… or not


It’s up to you. You can invite your friends over (if they watch SPN too, obviously) and have a Supernatural-themed party. If your friends don’t like the show or you’d rather be alone, then enjoy your alone time and ask everyone in the house not to bother you for the next 40 minutes!

6. Tumblr and Twitter

It’s always fun to see other people’s reactions and livetweeting or liveblogging. Personally, I prefer to wait until the episode is over and then read the reactions, otherwise I can’t really concentrate on what I’m watching. Just prepare your favourite bloggers in your tabs for when the episode is over!

We hope we could help you to at least be more prepared for Wednesday. Whatever happens, know that we’re here suffering with you and we’ll be in the aftermath with a long in-depth review! Be strong, fandom!


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