I believe it’s safe to say that the Supernatural panel was one of the funniest panels from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. I mean, come on, a hamster was asking the questions!

To start the panel, they showed a special sizzle reel created for 200th episode party. There was nothing from Season 11 as they are just four days into shooting. The hosts of the panel were Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr, and we honestly couldn’t come up with two better hosts for this panel than them.

We still got some information on Season 11, though. “This year we are going back to a more epic feel with a big bad. A quest for the brothers to unite on” Carver said. Apparently, and thankfully, this season will go back to the two brothers working together again and, this time, there will be no extra factors affecting them (demon blood, Mark of Cain…). Jared and Jensen confessed to be very excited about it.

“We will beat it because we are not the Losechesters” Jared amusing the crowd.

Castiel will help them against the Darkness too and Jeremy Carver said that the relationship between Dean and Castiel will continue. As per their PCA’s Best On-Screen Chemsitry nomination, Misha joked that they do have a chemistry set on set. However, not so good news for Sastiel shippers, as Misha said he doesn’t really believe in it because “the height difference with me and Jared is just too jarring”.

Mark joked (or at least that’s what we want to believe) on Crowley’s state for Season 11. “I’m pretty dead”, he said. “I began as a guest star kissing a tall man under a bridge. Nw we’re seven seasons later and it’s the best thing ever in the world”. Awww.

On a more sour note, a fan asked Carver about why they killed Charlie off, which made the crowd show their discontentment and even Jared (jokingly) turned his back on him. “That’s an excellent question, and it’s tough considering whenever you have a favorite character… People die on this show”.

More information? So far, the only thematic episode will be Episode 4. Carver also revealed that some fan favourites might return “but in a surprising way”. Flashback? More trips to Heaven?

The touching moment came when the audience lit and help up candles for #AlwaysKeepFighting. Jared said “This is touching and humbling and honoring. I don’t have the proper words to say thank you”. We can’t wait to see a video of Jared’s reaction! Well done, SPN family!