Supernatural ‘Plush’ Review: A Decaffeinated Early Supernatural MOW Case


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Just from the promo we got last week, it was already clear that ‘Plush’ was going to be a monster-of-the-week episode. Fine by me: so far, Season 11 has been handling these type of episodes pretty well by adding some of the elements that resemble the beginnings of the show we love so much (which basically means having the brothers getting along and not lying to each other). ‘Plush’, although a bit slow and boring at some points, still managed to keep those elements relevant.

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So… killer plushies. The ghost of a party entertainer, supposedly a pedophile, is possessing strange plush masks and making people kill. Of course Supernatural would take the chance to add a clown to freak poor Sammy out (I believe the last time we saw Sam facing a clown was in Season 7, so it’s been a while). I’m sure this episode is going to add on some foreshadowing for this season but, as a stand-alone episode, it wasn’t particularly interesting nor entertaining.

As Sam pointed out, Donna has now taken part in three hunts, meaning she can already be considered a hunter (*throws confetti*). I wonder if new-Doug (Brendan Taylor) and her will be together next time she appears. The only problem I had with Donna in this episode was the fact that they’re still addressing her weight. It was good and interesting in the first two episodes because it was a way of making a statement, and we also had Dean and Jody defending her. However, it’s become tiring now because there’s so much to her character than just her weight. It’s just not relevant anymore. Instead of repeating those commentaries over and over, I would rather have them focus on building her character. Her personality is already enough to make any scene worth watching without having to add-in weight references. Although I do have to say that I don’t feel like she got to shine that much in this episode, or perhaps that’s because last time we saw her she was with Jody, and nothing can really beat Donna & Jodie together. I wonder if they’re still in touch, that would certainly be a helpful push to Wayward Daughters.

plush - supernatural - the daily fandom

Everything regarding the relationship between Sam and Dean was great, even though I miss some of those brotherly interactions we had in the first seasons. The only complaint I have is that “fat-sucker Donna” comment from Sam, which was not only rude, but also super OOC. I was really happy to see that Sam actually told Dean about Lucifer’s cage in his visions. (I’m going to start saving 1€ everytime they’re honest with each other. I will let you know how much money I gathered by the end of this season). Sam also suggests that perhaps God is implying that the solution to the end the Darkness is going back to the Cage, which doesn’t make much sense to me. Other than that, I found it interesting when he suggested that perhaps God would care more about the Darkness than the Apocalypse. After all, the Earth is just one planet, while Amara is actually his sister.

While the idea of a killer plush was ridiculous and something that many people laughed at first, I thought that it could be interesting to see a new creepy creature if it was done well. Hey, some of us are actually freaked out by creepy plushies (ask Sam and his “passion” for clowns). However, I was a bit let down when it all turned out to be a classic ghost hunt case, even though it had the unique mask element to it. I also feel like they could have done the masks way creepier. I’m sure this would have been a super scary episode if it had been done in Seasons 1-3. Other than that, this episode was more of a breather and a sign that the show has decided to tone things down a bit before the big mid-season finale. After all, it’s not like you can keep Castiel, Crowley, Rowena and Amara in the dark (no pun intended) for very long.


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